granville island and the hats

I suppose I should stand still while taking a picture.

Just walk ahead so I can take a picture of you. Thank you.

It was a beautiful afternoon so we walked for an hour to Granville Island Market.

We went in search of Edie Hats. Jill had mentioned the shop to me and since Millinery is her passion, my interest was piqued.

These pictures are a bit mixed up and so you will need to bear with me.

This is coming onto the island and coming under the bridge that we had just walked across.

These raspberries look very familiar but they are not from Canada, not this time of year. They looked wonderful though.

I loved the way they displayed their fruits and vegetables.

The flowers were absolutely gorgeous.

The baked goods were amazing. We wanted a cup of coffee and something sweet. It took us at least half and hour walking back and forth trying to decide what to have. It's times like that when I wish I could eat a ton.

I saw this sweet little hat stand.

OK, now we are into Edie Hats. I've never modeled hats before and now that I'm home looking at the pictures, I would have had my head tilted differently so as to show off the hat more than my smile. Sorry about that.
I also tried to lighten the hats up a bit but they don't seem to show up that way on the posting. I obviously still need to learn a few things about Picasso. If you click on the pictures, you should be able to enlarge them to see the hats better.

The lady in the store was so fun. She had me try on the fancy ones that they kept behind the velvet rope. I neglected to check the prices. Grr.

If I would have known that hats were this much fun, I would have considered a hat for my sons' weddings.

This one was way over the top but what a gorgeous hat.

I was not sure how they should all be worn. When she placed them on my head, I never touched them. I didn't want to accidentally yank something out.

You can't see this one very good. Some of them were just a little bunch of feathers and some netting on a hair comb. So sweet. I left this one one so that you can see some of the other hats.

Terry tried a few on as well for your enjoyment.

I quite liked this hat, I almost considered keeping it.

Maybe I'm more a netting girl.

This hat was actually like a top hat but it was a bit tilted, really cute.

I liked Terry in the hats, I'm going to have to find him a cowboy hat. He could wear it on his John Deere.

I love this one. Maybe its because it matched my sweater.

I liked this one on him. I wish he had his suit on.

There were a lot of hats, sorry I can't tell you anymore about them than that.

It started to get dark, so we figured we better head it back to the hotel.

Instead of walking back over the bridge, we took the little ferry across. It only holds maybe 10 people and cost 2.50 a ride.


  1. those hats are soo neat. I love the little bear hats too. Looks like you guys had a really good time. It's so nice to get away.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful date:)

  3. OH MY!!!!

    I am stunned they let you take that many pictures. Usually millinery shops are very protective of their designs. I think that is funny because usually the same designs are on their websites anyway.
    YOU LOOK MARVELOUS IN A HAT! I dare say you are obviously entitled to add the much coveted HFP degree after your name. As in
    Lovella Terryswife, HFP.

    (HFP: Hat Friendly Profile)

    I will be enlarging and studying the hats for awhile. ***almost**** as good as being there in person. Thank you so much for going there and taking me along in your thoughts.
    And I hope the Texas pastries were up to par!

  4. What a lovely time! So romantic! I loved the tulips --- and the hats. You look lovely as a hat model! Thanks for the interesting post today. It looks like you had a great time!

  5. Jill, I didn't actually taste those tarts, they were for you.
    I love the new title. I'm all over that.

  6. Well, I must say, the next time you are taking a few days away from the blog world, you should warn us. I was needing a 'Lovella fix' quite badly. But I did survive and it sounds like you had a lovely time with your Beloved. I love Granville Island. So interesting and so many things to look at.

  7. Jennie, I have a picture especially for you tomorrow. I thought of you when I took it and even said to Terry, oh, wait . . I have to take it for Jennie. Wait until tomorrow.

  8. The hats are great!
    You could get Terry an Akubra - that's a genuine Aussie hat!!

    The fruit display makes me want to go and eat some delicious oranges and grapes.

    Great photos and looks like you had a great time!

  9. Looks like a beautiful time Lovella!

  10. Oh, Lovella...your photos are great! How wonderful of you to share your trip with us!

  11. Love, love, love the "over the top" one and the red & black netting one looks great on you, too! I've enjoyed the odd "hat-trying-on" as well...I think it would be so fun if they became popular again.
    The time away looked fun. I think we should all do that sort of thing more often.

  12. I love the hats!! they look great and I'm glad you were able to model so many for our viewing pleasure!! The ones with the netting really do look great on you! Glad to hear that you had a good time!!

  13. Most definately the hats with the netting are for you. What great fun! Kathy

  14. you look FANTASTIC in those hats!!! And you dear Mr. T.! You make a splendid pair!!! I feel so refreshed after reading your blog! And like I want some fruit!
    I do believe the "urban legend" is true. I have not seen it personally, but wouldn't be suprised in this day and age. My favorite doctor replied about my "no pain, but my stomach hurts!" that "It will quit hurting when the pain goes away." Laura (thoughts on life's daughter)

  15. Oh my gosh! You have the prettiest blog out there!
    Your photos are stunning!
    Those raspberries are devine!!
    Enjoying your blog!


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