are you wearing green?

I think it is safe to say that I don't have one speck of Irish blood in me. I won't let that stop me from celebrating St. Patrick's Day though. I delight in finding an excuse to have a dinner party.
The little card says . . ."If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I would walk in my garden forever."
Last night we had a friendship mix up. No, don't worry, it wasn't a friendship misunderstanding. We invited two couples over to our house from different circles. I'm sure all of us have friends that we meet under different circumstances who we enjoy regular visits with and yet never meet each other. Well, last night we did just that. We had looooooonnnnnnnggggg time friends Scot and Kathy over who we met when we were just newly weds, with Ray and Becky who we met about 10 years ago. Now they have had a visit together and now they are friends as well. Such fun to build our circle a little wider. When you know couples that live in different communities you can benefit from a broader circle of friends and we really enjoy that.

This morning my beloved and I went to Tim Horton's for a quick coffee. Once a year this coffee chain has a "roll up the rim to win" deal. If you buy a medium coffee you have a chance to win anything from a coffee to a donut and even maybe a TV or . . . .a car. See my delight? See I'm wearing green? You guessed it . . I won, not once, but twice in one day. How fun is that? I rolled up my first rim and it said I won a coffee and so my beloved went up to the counter to get us refills and used my free coffee and when he came back with another cup . . .I won a free donut. So fun. Yesterday, . . . I went to the mailbox to retrieve the bills. I say that because that is all that ever comes to my mailbox. Remember the good old days of receiving a letter? Now we just don't need to do that with email and blog land. I never expect to receive anything that would cause me to smile. . . . . .Wait a minute, what is that tucked between the bills? . . .imagine my delight when I see a little square envelope, with a return address that I recognize with a smile.

I opened up the envelope and there she was . . sweet baby Shaye, my little great niece from across the country. What a grin . I could just eat her up. Thank you for the smile.
Well, I hope you all have a delightful day, and give your Irish friend a hug. Make sure you visit Jill today and admire her Irish pedicure. It will be sure to bring a smile to your face.
Tell, me will you do anything to celebrate today?
I'm off for my 30 minute walk on account of yesterdays dinner party.


  1. No, Lovella, I don't believe we have a speck of Irish in us...but then - you never know!! smile
    I love the picture of baby she is growning!!

  2. Lucky you! I'm still waiting for a winning cup. I think I'm 0 for 5 now.

    Your blog is affecting my life - last night I dreamt I joined a cooking club that was all about sharing our favorite recipes :)

    This morning I mixed up a double batch of my Mom's paska recipe (didn't have the fresh lemon for yours) but when this runs out (tomorrow) :) I plan to try your recipe for my next batch. I always get a smile out of your "farm fresh eggs" ingredient - will the recipe still work if I use a fridge fresh egg?

    Have a great weekend. You look good in green!


  3. How can Shaye be sitting up already?? Where's the time going? She's so cute!

    I like the green too!

  4. Well Shaye must have a little Irish in her, she looks like a pixie leprachan! And I love friendship mixing. I wish more people would do that, we try to do that all the time. Thanks for the plug! Glad the Irish bent brought you coffee shop luck.

    And by the by, on Otis' site he claimed he was part Irish hound on his mother's side.
    I was surprised. Isn't he pure German shephard?

  5. Don't even get me started . . .all I got was dry dog food this morning. I fully ecpected a nice Irish lamb stew, . . no respect here, . . thankfully someone has noticed my plight.
    Otis from the farm

  6. Well I must say I have an empty winning cup sitting in my van right now. It is the first one I bought (with a christmas coupon) this roll up season and I won a donut. Makes me happy too.
    We don't celebrate today either except for the kids and the pinching.

  7. Perhaps I shall go and visit Jill like you suggested far as I'm concerned St.Patrick's day is just like any other day really except some people wear green. AND I HAVE IRISH in me, on my Mom's side, crazy hey? Haha...

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  9. I wore green all day and no luck with my 'roll up at rim' at Tim's. Oh well, my luck was being at a hockey game with Summer. What more could I want. Baby Shaye is so sweet. She looks like her Grandma. I am sure she warms their hearts and yours as all these little lambs do. The dinner 'mix up' was wonderful. Good friends, delicious food, and great conversation. Kathy


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