why me Lord?

Who hasn't at some point in their life asked that question? I was born into great wealth. I have a heritage that is rich with faith. My grandparents left the only country they knew and loved when they realized that staying would mean being persecuted for their faith. They moved to Canada and as many immigrants did promised to work the land which meant homesteading in the prairies and being quite poor. They may have been poor financially but they were wealthy in faith and knowledge of the Bible. I have many times wondered how I was so blessed to have that heritage. It wasn't enough though for my parents to have faith, I realized I needed to have a faith of my own. Never underestimate what a child understands. It was July 8, 1965. I was six years old my brother went to Bible Camp and when we went to pick him up he wasn't completely in the car when he declared that he had asked Jesus into his heart. He was excited and I felt sick. When I think back it is almost inconceivable to me that my tender young conscience was bothering me, but it did. When we got home I went into the bathroom where I knew I would have privacy and knelt down and asked Jesus to come into my heart too. Even as a young child I knew that I did wrong things and I needed to be forgiven. It was so simple and yet I know He heard my cry. I got up and went to my mom and told her that I asked Jesus into my life. She hugged me and held me on her lap and prayed with me asking Jesus to Bless me and make my faith real throughout my life. My mom taught two year old Sunday School for 30 years and she strongly believed she was teaching, not babysitting. So my faith grew as did my knowledge of the Bible. The Bible says in John 3:16 . . For God so loved the world that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. I believed that then and I believe it now. When I met Terry in High School his faith was a bit weaker. He had grandparents that believed in Jesus but his parents had not yet realized their need for Christ and although he was sent to Sunday School he didn't have the encouragement that I did. He had asked Christ into his heart but couldn't really remember when it had been. When we started to date we went to church together and he made a strong committment and has never looked back. We both were baptized as teenagers which we did to publicly declare our faith. I could tell you so much more but I like to keep my posts short. I wish I could say that we have steadily become more like Christ but we have often failed and had to once again determine to live our faith every day. When ever I have seen a Billy Graham crusade I've always marveled at at the simplicity of the gospel. God sent his son Jesus to die on the cross so that we could be saved from our sins and live forever with Him in Heaven when we die. If we believe that to be true we can begin to understand what grace is because we don't deserve what we are offered. At the end of a Billy Graham crusade they always sing "Just as I am". Even as a little girl, I would feel teary and I would feel my heart beating and I would feel a longing to be ever closer to Jesus and I'm sure I invited him in many more times because that was my heart's cry. Have you a story to tell? Has your heart cried out wanting to know beyond any doubt that when you die, you'll be in heaven?
Just as I am, without one plea, But that Thy blood was shed for me,
And that Thou bid'st me come to Thee, O lamb of God I come, I come.


  1. What a beautiful family picture..You haven't changed a bit!

    An emotional post, Lovella, very well expressed ... and yes you are rich! in so many ways, but especially rich in God's love.

  2. Love the post, Lovella. Thanks for making me think and realize the decisions that I've made in my life:)

  3. Thank you. How someone came to the Lord, is one of the first questions I ask someone when I am first getting to know them. Peoples testimonies are so very interesting to me, and I am always so blessed to hear how the Holy Ghost moved upon them and wooed them to Jesus. Unfortunately, I was 25 when I came to the Lord, and the heritage you talk about has had to begin with my husband and I.

  4. Hi Lovella. Very nice story and picture. When I look at the picture closely I really can see the resemblance between your boys now and your brothers then. Especially Terrance and the brother on the right.

  5. Lovella,
    What a wonderful family picture! People who don't have the Lord as an anchor, I don't know what they hold on to.

    Thank you for coming by to visit with me. I love reading the responses to my postings.

  6. So silly me, it's taken me until now to realize you are Terry and Stuart's mom. Why this long, I have no idea. I guess I didn't study your picture enough. Anyway, thanks again for your sweet comment on my blog. I can see how your friends would give you "interesting" looks when you explain your new found blogging life. Yes, it surely is a whole other world isn't it? Well, now that I know the connection, please say hi to your boys for me and also to Karlee.

  7. Oh and PS...I just wanted to mention what a beautiful post this was. You write so eloquently. Such a joy to read.

  8. Hey Sister In Christ,

    I love the family portrait!!! I think the black and white makes a picture look so much more rich looking. The color just seems to suck all the excitement from a photo I think. Although, I guess it entirely depends on the photo though of course too...but that is so sweet of you to share Lovella...6 years old in the bathroom??? haha I had an experience kind of like that in the bathroom too but it was when I was 17, and I started speaking in tongues.

    My story (which I think you've probably heard already): I accepted Jesus when I was 3 years old and publically declared that very day in front of that Lutheran church. "Jesus, is my Daddy!"

    Your younger Sister

  9. I'm so happy to read of another child who knew her Lord young, and has cleaved to Him throughout her life. I was 12, in 1966, so about the same time as you. I grew up in a Christian home, but age 12 was the first time anyone pointed out that a personal acceptance (sinners prayer) was needed. I rushed out to get alone to pray the prayer just like you did. I had memorized John 3:16 at age 4, and believed on Him, but had never realized I need to make a personal prayer.
    We probably read many of the same literature about faith, in addition to the Bible, of course!
    Your cute hair style with the short bangs...now why ever did you go and change your style by letting those bangs grow longer? Classic women select their signature hairstyles in youth and never vary. Get out those scissors and return to the ways of your youth my dear! (just kidding...I had the same short Mamie Eisenhower bangs. Such a hit they were!)


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