what did you have for lunch?

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I'm back from the barn and I'm just really curious . . what did you have for your lunch today? I came in from doing chores and I set about fixing sandwiches for me and my beloved. While I was doing that I thought about how when he worked outside the home, we didn't have this privilege. For the first 25 years of our marriage, he worked lots and lots of shift work. Nights and early mornings and evenings. he did it all. We always knew that part of our dream for our marriage would be to have our meals together . . for the most part.
Now . . we do. There are days though that I think to myself, well if it was just me, I'd just eat a peanut butter sandwich. Mostly, I run out of ideas. What do you have? Really, this is not a day to read and fill your boots and then just run off. I'm really wanting to know. You don't need to leave your name if your shy . . but if you would be so kind as to leave me an idea . . well that would be grand.
Oh, I never told you, we had tuna salad sandwiches.
Ok, I'm off to run an errand or two.


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  2. 110pm Lunch? Nothing.

    815am Breakfast? Oatmeal with brown sugar and apple juice to drink (i ate with Goomba)

    10am Snack? 2 McDonald's buritos with a mocha (i ate with J)

    Today is grocery shopping and cleaning out the car day!!!

    (hopefully it'll get done, most days I don't have that much energy...like right now...I feel rather lithargic, perhaps I need to eat some lunch, but what? I'm alone. Goomba's at school and J's at work.)

  3. What is it about a good lunch! Your tuna sandwiches looked scruptious. Have you ever considered all the lunches you could make by just walking out to the barn and coming in with afew eggs in your basket? I'm sure over the years you have done just that.
    I actually gave out your Farmer Sausage soup recipe this morning. My sister called from Winnipeg at 7:30 this AM as her friend was in a hurry for a good soup recipe for today. She had had your Farmer Sausage soup at my sister's place. Isn't it amazing how a recipe travels.
    Well as for a new recipe, I don't have one at the moment. I often make nachos for a quick lunch, of course with afew variations. Beef, olives, tomatoes, onions, stag chili, cheese, peppers, gaucamoli, sour cream, salsa. For abit of a Santa Fe flare you can add black beans and canned corn. Not too much but it is quit good.

  4. A salmon fillet with a herb sauce, an apple, and a salad.

  5. crazy, because i had a tuna sandwich as well!!

  6. Sushi. We eat a lot of sushi and salads. They prepare sushi fresh at the store six minutes from our home.
    Often we've made a big kettle of soup and that's lunch for a few days, with salad or bread.

    You've heard the old joke about having a retired husband?

    "I married him for better or worse, but not for lunch!"

    My darlin' husband was always gone, and working long,long days and school at night. Often we had 30 minutes a day together. Now that he is home based we just LOVE having lunch (and breakfast and dinner!) together.
    When he is out of town on business he is having insanely wonderful meals at fine restaurants, so he prefers simple at home.
    Houston is America's Fattest City, and it is hard to stay slim here for some reason!

  7. This is sad but I am going to admit it anyway...Mini Pizzas. I love really them! And I could eat pizza at every meal. I know...SAD!

  8. Hi Lovella. I had hot spinach and artichoke dip with crackers that was left over from the superbowl party on Sunday. Rudy doesn't appreciate the taste of it or the smell of it on me as I tend to make it with a lot of garlic. So I get it all to myself. Yummy.


  9. well, thank you for all your wonderful suggestions., My beloved Mr. T will have a new assortment for our lunch together.
    Demara, make sure you get a proper lunch. . .that is what my mom always said.
    Thank you all for being so sweet to leave me a line. You're wonderful blog readers.

  10. Egg Salad Sandwhich with a cup of corn chowder soup from a local little teahouse. Kinda a weird combo but I ate the soup first. I wonder if you would have a good corn chowder recipe. I really like that soup alot and don't know of a good homeade recipe.

  11. Mini casseroles are great too. MN has "Hot Dish" restaurants that only serve casserole. Whomp up a few recipes, freeze in ice cream scoop ball size, reheat, and yum! Casseroles are always better later anyway. And you can always mix it up with cheese coverings, salsa, relishes etc.


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