velcro balls and hiking

Early, early . . .early Sunday Morning we took Stuart and Karlee to the airport. They are off to see Mickey Mouse. Terrence and Bea called while we were having coffee at Starbucks and invited us over for lunch and a hike. After some yummy wraps we headed up the mountain behind their house. If I could be as fast as they were, you would see them coming up the mountain instead of going up the mountain.
I thought the ferns looked so nice against all the dead leaves. Ferns look so fragile and yet they don't die in winter.

Boys will be boys. I caught Terry poking Bea on her right shoulder (trying to be tricky). She was trying to look at something on the ground. It's really nice having daughter-in-laws. They now share the teasing with me, I don't bear it all alone.

Terrence insisted that we were following a trail. I had visions of search and rescue coming up in the middle of the night. We found plenty of evidence that something had walked on our path and it wasn't horses either.

Well, I suppose it was a trail at some point.

Moss and other strange growing things. This time of year the moss grows really well. We are actually considered to be living in a rain forest.

We're nearly at the top. Time for some posing. I snapped about 100 pictures on this hike and only on a few are the people posing are behaving themselves.

Like a said, only on a few pictures were people behaving themselves.

At some point. Terry found this natural Velcro ball and attached it to Bea's sleeve. He thought he was pretty funny.

Then, we caught him with this walking stick. Note the pink survey flag attached. Such a Kook.

Bea attached a few Velcro balls to Terry along the way.

Luckily we didn't need search and rescue. We came back down the mountain on a completely different route. It was all good. We spotted their house. Only a retaining wall to hop over and we were back on their street.
We had a great day. Later we rented the video RV and watched that with the kids. If you haven't seen it yet, it really is quite fun and clean.
Today, its back to reality. Bill paying day and organizing a busy week. I'm off for my 30 minute walk. Have a really nice day, my friends.


  1. Looks like a very enjoyable day!!! I love hiking! I haven't been on a hike for a very long time. My best friend of whom I use to go with is 7 months pregnant now so we haven't gone for a long while :( and I hate doing stuff like that alone.

    Also, your son's and daughter-in-law's place is! To have such a big house for being so young is simply amazing and something I could only dream of. So neat~

  2. How fun! Your family sounds so nice and normal! Thanks for the close up of the moss. I love moss of all kinds. Enjoy your domesticity day.

  3. Normal? Oh Jill you haven't met Mr. T in person. Ya, he's nice...when he wants to be but normal? Actually this family is always up for fun. Too bad we didn't get to see you when you were out our way. You could almost see our roof top from up in that tree. Remember all the hikes we did with our kids. You and I were usually at the back of the pack then too, but never too far behind to be apart of the fun. I,m so glad you enjoy your kids so much. Kathy

  4. Hi, Lovella, did you hike all the way to the top of our mountain? If you saw tracks on the trail.. Vic, goes up everyday but always takes his bear banger with him. There are bear and cougar and bobcats and deer and racoons and possums etc. on the mountain!!! Vic has come face to face with bear a few times...but they just looked at him and went the other way.
    It sounds like you had so much fun...doing things as a family is so special !! and your pictures are great!!

  5. Glad to see you still have what it takes to get up the hill.

  6. It's been along time since I went on a hike like that. It won't be long and our kids will be able to keep up with us on a day of adventure like that. When I was little I was an only child and my mom and dad and I would go on drives up the mountain on Sundays. We'd see alot of beautiful things and get out at different places along the way to explore. My favourite part was after cuz I'd get a green soda pop and we'd go to a local lake and eat takeout Brownies chicken. YUuummmm!! Those were good old days!!

  7. fun family times!
    Its great to see a picture of Terry. He looks "all growed up".
    Lovely picture of he and his wife, they look sweet.

  8. Looks like it was a fun day! I was going to post what Leah said...Terry looks much different than the pictures I've posted. They do look like a adorable couple.

  9. I can't wait until the weather is nice. These are the kind of days I love. I'm glad you had such a great time with your family!

  10. Lovella,
    I enjoyed my hike with you and your family........
    Your pictures are great.

  11. i love velcro balls! much fun can be had with them! i think when God created the, he knew what fun we would have with them!! haha.. i think they must serve other uses as well. sounds like you guys had a great day! makes me excited for more upcoming hikes/walks in the summer!


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