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Today is Chrissie's birthday. Chrissie is another one of my "out of towner nieces". She moved away with her family as a little girl when her family moved across the country to go to Bible College. I was wondering yesterday how many times we've visited over the years. It doesn't seem like nearly enough as I look back.

She's grown into a beautiful woman who also happens to be a wife and a mom. When she got married, the entire extended family went to the wedding. We wouldn't have missed it for the world. I've always known her to be so excited to see family and to share her bubbly personality. Chrissie is the one in the middle of the picture . . the bride. She was the second cousin to be married in that group photo and since then, the rest of them have followed her lead. Our family is like most families. We raise our kids at what sometimes seems like a slow pace and then one day . . poof, they are all grown up.
Chrissie has always been sincerely interested in what has been happening in our lives. She has a smile that lights up a room and a good sense of humor to liven up an otherwise normal exchange of "catch up" information.
Chrissie's life will always be special to me. All my nieces and nephews are special, of course, but Chrissie holds a special significance because she was a birthday gift to my mom. On my mom's 57th birthday she received a call from Gerry and Heidi saying . . . "Happy Birthday Mom, we are giving you a new granddaughter for your Birthday". How special is that?
So . . . , needless to say, as long as I have my wits about me, I will never ever forget Chrissie's birthday. My mom has long since passed away, but I know how thrilled she was to be given the honour of having one of her granddaughters bear her name as a second name.
I just want to wish you a birthday filled with joyful moments. Your life is a blessing to your children and your husband and the rest of us who know you and love you. Happy Birthday dear girl. May God truly bless you. Have a wonderful day.
It's interesting to me how often someone honours their children with a namesake. I carry the name of two of my aunts for middle names. Have you been named after someone special? Has that impacted your life in anyway? Or, have you had the honour of having someone love you so much that they would choose to call their child after you?
Well, I'm off for my 30 minute walk.


  1. What beautiful nieces and nephews you have! And I admire the bride's gown. Classic lovely styling.
    My middle name is Ann, after my mom's mother's mother. Except that my great grandmother was Anna. My mom thought in 1954 that that was just too old-fashioned to use that name "as is". So she shortened it to Ann. Wah! I'd wished she had used the old-fashion spelling.

  2. Happy Birthday Cuz!!
    You are definitely a beautiful person in my eyes. I hope your day is full of blessings! Love you!

    My mother named me after her sister. And I never go by that name. Only a select few actually know it because I am a little embarassed to use it. Although I don't use it I am still honored because I love my Aunt dearly. I can't bring myself to share it on the web but if you call me I will tell you!! Maybe I already have.
    Till next time!!

  3. Oh don't I feel special!! You know, when you get older and have tons of kids, you just don't have those special birthday moments anymore! I told my kids that today was my birthday, their eyes rolled and they said "We know mom you have told us a million times, now can we have a snack??" Oh well, that's the life of a mom I guess. I named all 3 kids after special people in our lives. A friend who passed away, both grandpa's, and Aaron's cousin. I think it is really special to be named after someone. I'm so glad that I was!

  4. Our youngest daughter, Avery, shares a middle name with my mom, Frances. At my grandmothers funeral, Avery was 6 mo old and I was in the corner nursing her, and one of my my mom's aunts asked what the babys name was. When I told her, she said ALL 4 of my moms aunts middle names was Frances! How cool is that?? My MOM did not even know that!

  5. Poof...yes like a vapor...we must learn how to let go and enjoy the "seasons" of life...The Creator knew!!

  6. What a wonderful looking bunch! And I agree with Jill, the brides dress is a classic - almost like a Jackie Kennedy/Onasis style. (sorry, south of the border, if there are spelling errors in the names!)

    Names, hmm, as both my parents were teachers, it was hard to come by a name with out some student association. I didn't understand at the time why there were no other Becky's. No bike license plates, no pencils, no toothbrushes nor lunch kits with my name on them could ever be found. Now, I rather like the uniqueness of my name (also it hit popularity about 20 years ago). Also, with so many aunts, uncles, and relatives, it would be hard to choose only one or two and not include others. My parents decided that I was special, and gave me a name all to my own. Over the years, I have learned to appreciate that.

  7. I wasn't named after anyone.. I think Mom named me after a book character... but my Dad wanted to name me Janet.. Good thing they didn't - because my brother's wife's name is Janet!

  8. That is so very special~Ya my husband has two middle names, his Mom's Dad's and his Dad's Dad's mom combined my her Dad's last name, her Mom's name and her Grandma's name into my one word that is my second name...I'm not sure if it holds any significance though...but it is neat to be reminded of them.

  9. What a lovely post and what an honour to your niece! It is so wonderful to be able to watch family grow up into beautiful adults.

    My name was going to be Michelle and then the week before my birth, a missionary speaker came to church and talked about his daughter "Carolanne". Dad and mum liked the name so chose it for me. :)

  10. Thank you so much for all the wonderful name stories. I think I'll explore naming a child a little more some time. So interesting.

  11. Carolann,
    I tried last night to leave you a comment by was unable to. I replied on your email telling me that you had left a comment on my blog Country-Charm.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit. Please come by anytime.

  12. too funny, now we are leaving messages for each other on our blogs, I hope you get Betty's message Carolanne.

  13. Thanks for your message Betty - I did get the email.
    Thanks for being our "middle person" Lovella - It's great that we are all sort of connected, isn't it?


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