Shaye . . the girly girl

Last week I received this photograph via email from the newest little "out of towner" in the family. I first told you about Shaye on October 19 when I attended the baby shower of my great niece. When I saw this picture I asked Tammy (Mommy) for the publishing permission.

What a doll. I wonder what wonderful surprises await this little child. Will she be a pianist like Mommy? It's entirely possible, since she has heard the piano played close to her heart since her heart started to beat. Will she love to read? Ah that too is a great possibility since Mommy loves to read and already she has books of her own. Will she love to be on her hands and knees in her garden? It's quite likely since she will be on her knees helping her grandma pull weeds. Or maybe she'll love to soar high in the skies like her Daddy? Maybe she'll love animals since she'll spend plenty of time with her cousins on the farm.

The first generation nieces and nephews have stopped arriving and now we are moving on to the next generation.
It's just so much fun . . watching and wondering what life will hold for them. They are all so sweet and energetic and they all hold futures full of promise.

My beloved Mr. T and I ran (not literally .. . .we went in his truck) to Tim Horton's this morning for a bagel and coffee and I was already thinking of this mornings post. Often now my dear man looks and me and wonders why I'm smiling . . and then we talk about my thoughts on the daily post. How sweet is that? He listens and offers a thought or two.

Well, because I don't have ample opportunity to see this little "out of towner" . . I can't share all her latest tricks and I don't even know the sound of her giggle. Her smile I have seen and yes it is a winner. I've cuddled her and known her softness and sweet baby smell.

. . The Bible says in Mark 10 verse 16 . . "Then He (Jesus) took the children into his arms and placed his hands on their heads and blessed them".

That verse my "sweet girly girl" Shaye is for you.


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  2. She is cutie, that's for sure!

  3. Tammy sent me that picture of Shaye too i thinks she's just too cute. She has such pretty eyes.

  4. She's so cute!
    It is fun watching children growing up and seeing what interests, gifts and talents God has given them.

  5. What a sweetheart! I have 4 girls, and LOVED dressing them up! And pink is my favorite color! God is good!

  6. I love how you made a little story just mostly out of questions...very neat and exciting!!! Just thinking of this little girl and all the possiblities that bestow exciting...can't wait till she joins the blogging world, if she does. :)

  7. Lovella, what a sweety little Shaye is !! She looks exactly like her Mommy, doesn't she! And has she ever grown since the shower..probably outgrew some of her darling outfits too!
    Thanks for the picture.
    And isn't it nice when our husbands support what we do.

  8. What a precious little doll Shaye is. What is it about pink!!! She looks so much like her Mommy. I saw Shaye's two little cousins and her Uncle D. at Costco today, and are those little guys ever cute. Good looks must run in the family.

  9. Shaye is adorable. I'll bet you could write stories for children featuring her adventures.
    And I love the idea of having a teacup of the month posted on your side bar. Clever girl...that's you.
    My own good man says that blogging has allowed him to understand another layer of me.
    I say blogging helps us bloggers be better at noticing our world and our days. A win-win for couples.
    Oh and it was 26.6 degrees C. here this morning, without wind chill.I think "C" stands for Celsius and Canada and COLD!

  10. Okay, Lovella,...
    She is a cutie!
    Now, about your blog obsession, ... I am loving it. Have you ever considered doing layout designs for magazines? This is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of the Victorian mag that I used to drool over, and try to emulate. Needless to say, the feminine touch in this household has been overshadowed. There are new brake discs or something at my front door now. :) I am supposed to be thrilled as they are for my vehicle. Like Mr. T, Ray has a fondness for painting too. Only it would be nice if it was furniture. sigh He is painting the disc brakes and calipers (I'm a bit lost as to the correct spelling and terminology on that one) and letting them dry near the entrance to the garage. Nothing quite like the smell of fresh engine paint wafting throughout the house. :) Ah, but I know that I am not complaining, just sharing the diversity of my awsome husband! Anyways, I do love the pictures and colours of your blog. The sweet girly, girl is awfully adorable too! I think I might be experiencing a tad of blog envy! :):)!

  11. she is beautiful!
    and i love the new layout of your blog. it deifnitely is interesting to think of what life awaits each person. so exciting to think of all the possibilities and to await the greatness that will come from their life.


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