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I decided to post once more today since I found this old pattern of my Mom's. I'm wondering if it is the same pattern used for my aunt's dress in the photo . I'm having to put my reading glasses on here to see the details. . . .OK. Oh dear, no date. The Vogue pattern cost 75 cents. What kind of hat would you say that is Jill? Anyone out there have an estimation of this era? I love the dress, perhaps I'll sew one up for Easter. I loved the good old days when I was guaranteed a new dress for Easter. Not on Good Friday. No, that day I wore a winter dress with my winter shoes to church. The Easter dress with the white shoes was for . . Easter. This was the beginning of Spring attire. I think I'm going to sew myself an Easter dress. Just because.
Well, I need to get back to lunch. I'm making Shrimp Sopporo Ichiban. I'm making it appear homemade by adding a few shrimp and some chopped scallions.


  1. Hi Lovella, I would guess the pattern to be from the 1950's..check out this site

    And yes, in the 'good old days' it was a major faux pas not to switch to white shoes on Easter Sunday - and definitely you HAD to have a new Easter dress.!!

  2. Reference Librarian, at your service!
    That hat is what is called a capulet. Definitely 1950's.

    The dress is in a style known as "New Look", the return of longer fuller dresses after skimping for WWII. Most of the brides of the returning soldiers had new wardrobes made for their lives as married ladies, using the short fabric saving styles, and then the fashion industry pulled a fast one on them and went long and full.
    My mom still is annoyed that her wardrobe went out of fashion a year after she got married (1946) because of the Dior "new look" and of course they were on a budget and she couldn't get the "New Look"!...

  3. By the way, the other gal is holding a cartwheel hat behind her back, and wearing gauntlet style gloves.

    LOVE gantlet style gloves!

    And SO jealous you are posting with Picasa ability is curtailed again after a brief success last night.
    I'm in "Migration Issues: The Land of the Annoyed".

  4. Jill,
    I love your resourcefulness! I think I would have enjoyed the "New Look" as it appeares to have hidden a multitude of thunderous thighs.

    Lovella, I do remember when patterns were inexpensive enough to just buy it and maybe not even use it. I hope that you do sew yourself a joyous dress of celebration for Easter. Its about time you used your Christmas present on yourself!

  5. Hello, Lovella,

    I'm so so sorry it took me a week to get over here. I really appreciate you visiting my site and leaving such a nice comment.

    I've read several of your most recent posts. I completely love that photo of your parents running in a race. I especially love it that she's barefoot. (I'm a firm believer in barefoot.) What fun they were having.

    I'm going to agree with everyone else here and say that this has to be a 1950's pattern because I was born in 1950 and I so remember my mom and my aunts dressing like this.

    What a treasure just the pattern is. What an even more special treasure it would be if you were to use it!

    Thank you again for visiting me and I hope you'll come back soon. You have a lovely blog and it's truly a pleasure to visit you.

  6. know what that means? number one or favourite...

    and I love those dresses too.

    I can't sew (would be handy if I could though). In fact, I failed ironing in Grade 8.

    I loved the picture of your looks like something from the movies or something, so unreal you know? LOVE IT!!! (my parents were never like that, in fact, I've ONLY SEEN that in the movies!!!)

  7. Thank you everyone for helping me pin down the date. I was thinking the 50's.
    Isn't it just so fun to have help from experts at a click of a button? Jill you have proven to be every bit that your title has promised. I do hope your computor will feel settled again really soon, I'll miss your morning post. Picasso is such a jewel when its it dosen't have its shirt in a knot.
    Becky can you ever imagine our mothers not reusing a pattern even then. Thrifty girls they were. When a dress was special occasion for a wedding . . well they were dressed pretty spiffy at church. I can't imagine showing up at church with the outfits from the kids weddings.

  8. What a neat pattern! A beautiful way to pass down a legacy.

  9. the corals of my mind....faded....fading....but yet still lingering.

  10. Hi Lovella,
    Oh my I remember the note and I'm so happy for all these healthy years! I have a blogging question you might be able to help me with. I think most things are under control again but I am having errors in one areas - adding an element to the blog - a picture - add a picture. I would appreciate it if you would drop me a note and tell me your exact process. I had success once (Multiplacation - the family picture) but never again.

    I remember my mom wearing dresses like the pattern. I remember she wore 'house dreses' at home and not pants when I was little. They were pretty and I bet they were cool in the summer bare legged.

    I'm really enjoying your blog. Great variety - even if your man outdoes most others in the handyman department. Hey - they all have their gifts!



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