serenaded and spoiled

Oh goodness, this is what we woke up to today. The raspberry patch view out our front door.
Well . . let me take a moment of your time to tell you of all my birthday blessings. I'm truly in awe of the kindness of family and friends. In the beginning of the week I was treated to lunch and we were out for coffee and little blessings were sprinkled throughout the week. Normally the first thing uttered by my beloved in the morning . . with a smirk on his face is "I don't smell no coffee . . . chop, chop." Yesterday however, I heard, "it's your birthday, we're going to town for breakfast". How he can give me that same chop chop line every morning and make me laugh is beyond me.

Off we went to Whitespot and we shared a yummy breakfast of . . .eggs (of course) and bacon and french toast. My beloved gave me that new clock for our family room. When we got married 28 years ago we combined all our loot into one account. The only problem with that is on occasion inadvertently I have noticed purchases before I should while doing my online banking. I love surprises and don't want to know that I'm going to the Spa before the Spa certificate is presented. So, knowing this to be an ongoing problem, he set about to prevent a gift giving surprise debacle. We have in our community noticed recently . . .wire thieves. They help themselves to wire from houses under construction, from power poles and where ever else they care to help themselves. Terry being the clever man he is remembered that when we recently replaced the wiring in our barns, the old wire was left where it was. He went up into the barn attic, pulled out a nice length of wire and went in stood in the line up with the wire thieves at the recycling depot. He earned enough money to buy my new clock. Is that not love? Later I went for lunch with two of my dear sis-in-law's Mary and Heidi. I brought my camera along but neglected to remember a photo op. We had so much catching up to do and we were having such a delightful time that I forgot to take a picture.
After that Terrence and Bea stopped in. Bea spent an hour making me a card with the swanky new card making kit I found at Costco. I don't have the card yet because celebration week ends with family dinner on Sunday. Terrence showed me how to change the comment field which I had been racking my brain to figure out. Stuart phoned me and told me he loved me and said I was a great mom. My eyes got a bit damp at that.
On Thursday our friends Ray and Becky called to see what was up for my birthday evening. I said I wasn't sure but Terry would get back to them. They invited us to dinner and so Terry left a message saying that we would love to come, thank you very much. The problem was that he left the message on Ray's office phone and the message was not received. Fortunately when the mistake was realized they quickly pulled together a delicious Italian meal. Ray has become quite the chef since their visit to Italy last year. Unfortunately for the rest of the care group (who they were planning to invite as well) time constraints kept the party small.

I put this picture in because Becky and I were discussing my birthday picture from yesterday and I was telling her that I purposely pulled my face taut and thought I was quite clever to do it. She had wondered about that and so pulled her face taut as well. She being a home Ecenomics teacher had no problem quickly baking a scrumptious chocolate cake for our dessert.

There is a picture of a blogger at work. We are always looking for a photo op are we not? Their sweet big boys added to the celebration with a few clever comments.

After their eldest son Riley finished his dinner, we were serenaded to a piano concerto. We spent a good bit of time marveling at his talent. He performed several pieces even one that he himself has written and had won awards for. Becky and I decided that we really need to find him Wedding work. We told him he could be the "Wedding Player". His talent truly needs to be accessed and we will set about coming up with a plan helping him to do that. Perhaps you are in need of a wedding player and would be interested in having a consultation with his mom. (smile)

After dinner we propped up the cameras to take pictures. Such fun. After a nice long soak in their hot tub, we set out for home. I read through all my email cards and beautiful comments from all you sweet blog friends and was amazed again at how blessed my life is.

Here is a sampling of the delights of the day. Notice the new rose pruners embellished with roses from my friend Kathy. I received a few delightful books for the curious minded from my friend and co parent of our kids . . . Linda. I got the sweet posy bouquet from Mary and the Red Truck California wine from Heidi. The beautiful orchid was from another co parent of our kids . . .Monika.
The day was simply a delight and I thank you all for your well wishes. Today its a bit back to reality. I have sheets in the wash (they will dry inside today) and I'll set about cleaning the house. I hope you all have a wonderful day, my friends.


  1. So wonderful the birthday blessings of yesterday! Again, your post touched my heart as most of your posts do. This is why I wrote a post today and you are a main feature. I'm blessed by our blooming blogfriendship.

  2. Back in our early years, when my darlin' husband was working as an apprentice electrician,(for poverty level pay..) the policy was that all left over wire (called "rabbit") was to given to any apprentice on site.
    B. would bring the wire home, let it heat up in the sun on the driveway, then peel the coating off, to get a better price when he went to the metal recycler. Our kids used to help too.
    "Rabbit" paid for a lot of things in our household back then.

    So very clever of Terry to think of recycling to fund your birthday surprise.

  3. What a wonderful day for a most deserving gal!! And isn't it nice it repeats itself every year??
    I like your change in the 'comment field'.

  4. I'm glad you had such a beautiful day. You are so blessed to be surrounded by such loving and kind family and friends.

    I do like your comments field too - is it hard to change like that??!

    Only 363.5 more days to go until your next birthday! LOL

  5. Lovella, looks like you got spoiled. I glad you deserve it.

  6. Carolanne and Julie, changing the comment field is really very easy.
    1. Customize
    2. Add and Arrange page elements
    3.Blog Posts . . Edit and click on that.
    4. Under Select items find the comment box and just go in and change the words to whatever you like and save. I did that as well in the Posted by box.

  7. Lovella, it looks like you had a very full day and beautiful pictures to show for it...did Kathy paint those pruners? B/c I can imagine her doing that, Kathy is so artistic, that is if it's the Kathy I know who is married to LK.

    Also thank-you so much for the comment and just to let you know I have responded to it over there as well.

    I'm sorry I had not sent you a birthday card yet, oh I feel so stupid you know I was thinking of doing it too...I'm going RIGHT NOW to find the perfect one for you. Keep smiling you look real pretty that way (:

    OH and I see a trend happening, should I too jump on the bandwagon (of creative comments) that looks so appealing I wonder??? Hmm...perhaps I shall since it is a great idea and all.

  8. Happy Belated Birthday! From the lovely pictures looks like you had a wonderful joy-filled birthday!
    Blessings to you...

  9. Demara, actually I have several Kathy friends. The one who gave me the pruners is a gal that I got to know when I was expecting my first child. We have been church friend, neighbors and now I'm sure we'll be friends for the rest of our lives.
    What a sweetie to send my an e-card. You are the kind of girl that would be thoughtful to do that.

  10. Lovella, it is always a delight to read your "Daily"! Thanks for all the complements, but it really was a fun thing to do yesterday ~ I too enjoyed it all. Great way to end a hectic week!
    Thanks for making my day so special. Awfully considerate of you to have a birthday, and share it!

  11. So here I am, finally leaving my birthday comment for you. Sorry it's a day late. My head has been flooded with Debits,Credits,Cash Balances,Deposits,Withdrawls and soooo on! Anyway, what a lovely clock you got! It appears as though birthdays are a week long celebration in our family too! Just thought I'd let you know that WALMART has garden boots to match your new clippers. Check it out!!

  12. HI Lovella,
    Happy belated birthday to you! I've appreciated reading
    your blogs and remembering God's faithfulness as He has brought you through some hard times. May God continue to bless you with His joy and shower you with lovingkindness.
    Love from, Anneliese

  13. So glad you had the happiest of birthdays! Red Truck is one of my favorite wines! You are blessed.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Seems you had a wonderful day.....


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