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Family picnics of the past. What kind of memories does that conjure up in your mind? This is one of my favorite photos of my parents. Clearly, they are running to win a race. I'm fascinated by the fact that the camera was able to capture them without blurring. Most of my inherited family pictures typically should have one of them cut off. No, there they are . . both of them . . running their hearts out. I can almost hear the laughter. My mom was running barefoot. Such delight.

My one aunt . . Frances, moved to California when she got married and when she would come home we could count on a family picnic to a park. Remember when . . our moms made potato salad and fried chicken and Plumi Moos (cold dried fruit soup)? There would be homemade buns, jellied salads, little fried meatballs, and cakes and cookies . . everyone brought their best. Us kids would run around, play hike and seek and take for granted the community of extended family. We loved it.

Way at the back of the photo you can see my Auntie Mary. Isn't is adorable that they are all wearing cotton summer dresses? Hers even has a matching little Bolero . . right back in style. It's her birthday tomorrow. She is still sharp as a whip. I think she'll be 81. I recalculated that several times. It can't be . . my mind says, but I think it is true. She still regularly goes to volunteer at a thrift shop, and walks with gusto. Amazing. I hope she has a wonderful day tomorrow.

Someday our kids and siblings, will look at photos and wonder in amazement at the energy we appeared to have. I surely hope that my beloved Mr. T and I leave many endearing memories for our kids. Once in a while it occurs to me that we need to purpose to do that. We can't just be sitting here and hoping that fun will come our way, can we?

Well, I'm off to walk my 30 minutes so that I can live to be 81 and still be sharp as a whip. Then I need to make some delightful dish for my beloved. He has a long and busy day ahead of him in the barns and its the least I can do.


  1. That picture is awesome!! I regularly wish that families would still make it a priority to do such picnics. We busy ourselves with so many other tasks. A game like that would be too silly for most to allow themselves to play nowadays! I say bring it on!!! Here's to silly games, fried chicken, homeade potato salad and cold fruit soup!!!!
    Great post!

  2. Lovella that picture is so special. It's so neat to beable to see what are parents and grandparents were like in younger days. Family don't get to get together like they used too. When karlee and i were younger we used to have alot more get togethers. Now it seems almost like you don't know your family as well. Very sad.

  3. Haylee, I thought about what you said and it is so true, I grew up with a Mom who always planned fun and organized parties. I don't remember my grandma ever doing that. I have tried to do that for our kids and that is the way it is . . the torch is passed on to more energetic younger family. You will do that for your son too, because no one else will do that for him. We have to try really hard to eek out a bit of time here and there, because without the relationships, we really are toiling for what?

  4. Lovella, what memories that picture brings back.. I actually remember that picnic. Your parents outran everyone. Those are my parents that your mom and dad are about to pass and then you can just make out Uncle Pete and Uncle Rudy next to Aunt Fran. I wish we could go backward in time sometimes and then how much we would appreciate the time spent together.. At the time we just expected it to go on forever !

  5. I can imagine the laughter sounding as that picture was taken. Yeah, we do need more family things like this. Turn off the dang TV and ipods, and get moving!
    And it IS fun that the ladies had a great time while wearing pretty summer dresses!

  6. oh, and my 80 year old mother volunteers at a church thrift shop, tutors kids, goes to bible study, lunch and water aerobics.
    I think she does all this just to make me look bad. 80 year old, you gotta keep an eye on them, next thing you know they head to the middle east and ride camels.
    That's what my grandmother did at 80.

  7. I LOVE that picture. I (like you) am amazed that the picture isn't blurry. Family outings can be quite fun. My mom still volunteers at thrift store(s) where you are...maybe they know each other:)

  8. Fantastic motion picture, in still form! Who was the photographer? Where did the picnic occur? Did your parents win? This is definately a story picture! You are blessed to have photographs. My parents only have slides, which are tucked away in some box under someone's stairs. I hope to be the one to find them so I can share them like you. Pictures bring floods of memories, facts, emotions and, ... stories that are meant to be shared! Good job, girl! :)


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