pruning . .little and big

It was such a gorgeous afternoon yesterday that after lunch we decided to get outside and do some pruning. My job is to prune the roses down to size and the perennials of their winter deadness. I am given equipment according to my size and Terry uses equipment according to his size.
Here is my little JD trailer all filled up with rose branches. I actually took a picture of my hands to show you that I did not completely win the war but they were too hideous and my vanity took over and they were deleted. My favorite rose bushes are David Austin roses. They smell so beautifully fragrant.

Terry was pruning our ornamental Japanese cherry trees down the drive way. It seems a bit sad to prune off the buds but they've gotten a bit too gnarly and now must receive a good cut back. As you can see he has been allowed to use the big equipment. He said at one point, "I wonder if Terrence will stop here after work "(as he often does) "then I could just stay in the bucket and he could just drive me around". I said to him "Do you want me to drive you around?" and he smiled and said "No, its OK, thank you". It was hard not to take offence at that. I suppose since he was listening to me try to start the little JD garden tractor and had to once again come show me how, he felt it was in his best interest to manage the big JD on his own.

Now as you already know I'm a curious sort, I was busy trying to capture the best side of my beloved in the bucket when we both stopped and watched this big Ball drive by. We both just watched and I said "What was that?" . . .and he said"I have no idea". Any guesses out there? If you click on the image below, it will give you a better look.

I was a little slow capturing the big ball driving by but you can see it there going down the road. I'll have to mark that down as one of the stranger drive bys. As I write this I think about all the different climate zones that read this and I'm curious about how warm it is where you are today. I have people from all parts of this globe who stop in and peruse my latest comings and goings and I'd love for you to tell what the temperature is where you are today. Just make sure you specify Fahrenheit or Celsius. If you don't know just tell me if its warm enough to do your pruning. I just went out and checked on the porch it is 5 degrees Celsius or about 4o degrees Fahrenheit. I'm off to go for my 30 minute walk, have a delightful day.


  1. 26 C here today, and we have a big pile of trimmings in the back yard that my darlin' husband pruned while we were out gadding about. Thankfully, accomplished BEFORE the weather got so unseasonably hot. That ball thing still puzzles me. I envy you your JD. Now that's doing yard work in style. Could you save some of the cherry branches and force them to bloom inside? I love how cherry blossoms look.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures...doesn't taking pictures make everything more fun?

  2. Bernie said:
    "The ball is probably a septic tank or some kind of underground storage tank."
    And "That guy is retired, and has his own tractor...I am so jealous"
    (shakes head, walks away..)

  3. I am laughing so hard Jill, you and your Bernie crack me up. I just came back from wandering out to the "back forty" to tell Terry that someone squealed to you about my upcoming special day and we had a good laugh at that and then I come back and you leave another comment. Tell Bernie that Terry is a farmer and he is only retired from his other full time Safeway job. That's one big septic tank, who's it for? Tell Bernie he can come to Canada and drive Terry's tractor for a treat. I'm going to publish another picture now just to peak his interest.

  4. Lovella, I would really love to put you on my links list. I find myself checking your blog each day. I absolutely love the eloquent and serene way you write. I find I am at such beautiful peace every time I read your words. It is a sweet serenity for me to escape to. I also admire the way you speak about your husband with such respect and high regard. I believe it is crucial for a husband to love his wife, but for the wife to RESPECT and HONOR her husband just as much....just like the good book says. Our society is so focussed on women's lib and how women should take the reigns. But I think it says something huge about a woman's character when she can stand by her husband with strength and support him as his partner, not some man society says she must boss around because he is incapable. You refer to your husband as Beloved. I love that. Your love for him is audible in the words you right. You are right, marriage is not easy but if respect, honor and trust are fundamental aspects to the relationship then it has a shot. Just want you to know that for those of us who have been married for a short time compared to you, we thank you for being an example of what the future may have in store. Very inspiring. Sorry about this lengthy comment.

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm "almost" speechless after that comment. We all can learn from each other and I'm learning as much from young mom's as I suppose you are picking up bits and pieces from me. I am so thrilled that I can do that for young brides and moms. My prayer is that I am real and not just a loving wife in my blog. It is amazing to me that you would add me to your link list. You young mom's have such a terrific support and encouragement group between you, so . . thank you I'd be delighted to be linked.

  6. That orange ball reminds me of that new Tropicana or was it Minute Maid juice commercial, but ya on it a large orange rolls down the road with a siren sound blaring and stops a vehicle just to advertise this new flavour to a Mother and her was very strange but funny at the same time. So my guess is: It's the large orange from the commercial!!! haha

    And yes it was a gorgeous day yesterday wasn't it? I didn't go outside once but I saw the sun glissening through the blinds a bit.
    The Lady Of Shallot

  7. Around 23 F here in West Michigan today, with wind gusts up to 60mph! We have about 1 ft of snow still on the ground in most spots in the yard, but for the past 2 days it has been in the low 40's, so I have a few patches of greeen grass peeking thru the snow. No pruning here, at least for a few more weeks. I can't believe you are north of me, and yet having such nice weather!

  8. boy that machinery would sure come in handy!!!
    I am the same way you are in regards to my blog. I am always thinking "that would make a funny post", or - think of pictures just to blog...
    its addicting! But such a neat way to be connected to people. Who would of thought all those years ago, we would be connected in this way. Its funny.

  9. okay, so am i the only other one to post the current temp? granted, it's friday instead of thursday, but down here in "sunny southern california" its pouring hard and exactly 40F or 5C! very cold, even for this native canadian who has become climatized to her current home. we are so happy for this rain.
    also, i wanted to ditto darla's words...i couldn't have said it better. i was actually saying the same kinds of things about you to my mom on the phone (she sometimes reads your blogs too) and how nice it is to know that it's not just a show for blogworld, but that its real in your every day life.
    and one more thing. that ball reminded me faintly of some sort of film (?) at expo 86 (i was only 6 at the time, so can't remember much) this boy flew around in a big red ball, i think...or maybe i'm just crazy.

  10. Hello, my name is Leana and I am a missionary in Argentina. You don't know me but it looks like we know a lot of the same people. Maybe our paths did cross at some time as I am from Abbotsford. I really enjoy your blog. Love seeing pictures from home. Today it is about 29 celcius in Argentina. We are in the middle of summer. Still getting used to the seasons being different. Just wanted to say hi.
    Leana Janzen

  11. Leana, thank so much for saying Hi. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I was just saying the other day to someone, "I have someone from Argentina reading my blog, I wonder who it is?" I can tell which countries the readers are from from my site meter. Now I have a name to think of, what a delight.


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