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These pictures are all completely backwards today. Good thing you are all clever enough to sort that out in your mind. I find that if I want to post a vertical picture as the one in the bottom, I need to post that one directly from Picasso's Blog this. If I try to post it from my create a post page it will be laying on its side. They need to put a picture turner button on this page. Anyone else have a remedy for this? I know there is some frustration out there with the new blogger, so I best not complain. So, the reason they are in the wrong order is if you post directly from Picasso and then post from your create page the order can't seem to be changed, at least for me.
Anyways, This is a picture of my mom's jewelery box. See the little ballerina? It still does its little twirls when you wind up the music box. I always loved this as a child. It would be a special treat to look at her brooches and pins and necklaces. As you can easily see, it wasn't too big. It didn't need to be. She had contentment with little. I remember going and buying her an inexpensive brooch for her birthday and her delight would have been no different than had it been a diamond and ruby pin. That little fake diamond bow pin she loved and wore at least 30 years.
I love this little box and I wonder when she got it. I'm guessing it could be about 47 years old. It's just another one of those things I'll never know. If you have parents still alive. . .ask now, not later.

What I really wanted to show you today was my all time favorite find at a thrift sale. I saw this and a matching night stand table and I snapped them up. They were originally hospital night stands. They are metal. All I needed to do was give them a good scrub and I changed the knob. I got them for $15 each. I took one look at them, put my hand on them, looked at my beloved Mr. T and asked him how he felt about repainting the bedroom and offered the good gentleman my cash all within 10 seconds. Done deal. The next week we went to Benjamin Moore to look at historical colours and painted up our little bedroom. I think its 12X12. That isn't a problem, really, how much room does a person need to sleep? I made a new bed skirt to tie the colors all together and declared it finished.

Oh and if you are a librarian and curious about the books at the bottom? The green one is called "Studies in Citizenship" by Mc Caig. It says it's the Saskatchewan Edition. 1925. It has useful topics such as What our government does for us and Rights and Duties of Citizen's. Hmm, I think I may take a closer look at that and post about it sometime. Could be pretty funny.

The blue book is my Dad"s "The Coral Island" which was first written in 1857. He was given this book in 1931 for Christmas from Edith McTavish . . hmm I wonder who she was. The interesting thing about this book is that my mom and dad took it along on one of their last camping trips together and my dad read the whole thing to her. He came back and proudly announced that he had finally gotten through the whole book. Oh Dad, you were so funny and sweet.

The last book on the pile was the first Bible that my beloved's parents gave him. He received it October 18, 1969. I'm curious about the date since it holds no significance that I know of. Maybe he needed a new Bible for Sunday School.

Oh and if you are curious about the baby pictures, those would be my beloved and I. Well, I'm off to cut out a dress.

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  1. "Studies in Citizenship"?
    Is it subtitled "An Instant Cure for Sleeplessness?"
    You've chosen wisely to keep that particular book beside the bed. Heaven forbid someone take a peek at it in any other room and lapse into unconsciousness without a blanket and pillow for comfort!

    A Picasa picture posting trick:
    Post the pictures again, into DRAFT. Copy the HTML for the pictures, then paste them into the post that has problems, removing the former pictures.
    This works when for some reason the html is goofed up and you get a square box with an X where the picture should be. Also it works when you want to use Picasa with all its photo touch up tricks, but want more than four shots in the post. Just post the next set of four into draft, then copy paste the html into the post you are planning on using.
    The only downside is you get two of the Picasa logos in the post. I saw somewhere how you can delete those...must add to list of stuff to practice on my practice blog.
    And ditto on ask parents now. Also jot info on things you own, or take a picture and stick it into a book. My kids didn't know the story behind some of my possessions until I blogged about them.
    Actually I had told them, they just weren't listening as teenagers!
    Thanks for your encouragement as I weathered the last blogger/picassa crisis!

  2. Hey, are all the pictures on all the blog squares and X's? From my computer all the pictures display. Can it be possible that there aren't any pictures?

  3. I just left you a comment, and the it came up "google server error". Argh!
    To recap, I love that you have placed things of nostalgic value (is that the right term?) on your side table. I love old books, and photos.
    Oh, and we had gourmet pasta with tomatoe and cheese sauce for lunch.
    (KD with weiners and ketchup)

  4. Your sandwiches look delicious! over here we only had tomato soup...nothing to fancy. I love the nightstands! They look gorgeous! Love the antique look. (With the books etc.) Love it! Love it!

  5. I love the pictures and the little jewllery box, so sweet so neat...I actually got teary eyed reading about your Dad being so funny and, I wish I knew how my Dad was.

    Oh and there are some changes over there at my e-place...sorry for them...but hopefully you'll enjoy them ;)

  6. I always wanted to have a music jewellery box.
    The bedside tables are a great find and I'm wondering what pearls of wisdom "The studies in Citizenship" will contain.

  7. Lovella,
    Thanks for dropping by to visit my blog. I am new to blogging but am enjoying it very much.
    I like your blog and will visit you often, Lord willing.
    My mother's name was Ella so you know I like your name.!
    Come back to see me........


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