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My mom-in-law came over for tea yesterday and read my blog.
She's done that a few times now. She is an avid reader, cruising through books, always with one waiting and ready in the wings. She's just great. She reads and scrolls down and then clicks and wonders what happened to the blog. "I didn't do anything" she says and I say "I heard you click the mouse mom." "Oh did I?" she says. Then I get her back to where she left off and she nods and chuckles and then all of a sudden she points. "oh, you made a mistake", she says. I say, "where?" and she says, "right there". She's right. I read it and think "yup, there is a mistake alright". I told her "I'm a one woman show here Mom. I'm the author, editor and publisher".. "and it's been a long time since I was taught grammar."
I was thinking later though, wouldn't it be handy to just type out the draft and have someone come in and just kind of fix it up. Deal with the Microsoft and Picasso and blog issues and come back and click the publish button and have it all just print and copyright perfect.
My beloved Mr. T looked at me over coffee this morning and said . "Would you mind helping me in the barn today? I looked at him and said "No, I wouldn't mind at all. You look like I might say no". I think he feels with my new important position of author, editor and publisher . . well, perhaps I won't have time for farming. I can't imagine why he would say that.
So, I'm off to see the hens.


  1. Say hi to the hens for me!
    Tell them someone in Texas admires their pretty fresh eggs.
    Everyone deserves to be appreciated for a job well done don't you think?

    Your mil and the mouse---my daughter gets my blog up on her laptop and lets my mil read it. She always starts at the heading box,where my picture is, reads that and then says "I've already read this one."
    Then Laura has to come over and scroll down.
    Makes me wonder how she manages to read the newspaper. Does she stop every day when she reads the title "San Diego Union Tribune"?

    Blogger still on the fritz down here by the way

  2. Oh my goodness . . I laughed out loud at that.
    Going incognito today? Ok . . I just reread it and it's still funny. You have the funniest and best comments.
    What is the problem with the blogger? It's not a Del issue?

  3. What a great mother-in-law!!!

  4. Jennie, she is a great mom-in-law. I am very blessed to have her.


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