making your valentines?

A week ago or so I told you about my beloved Mr. T and I venturing out on a Wednesday night as we typically do. We chose a midweek date to do a Costco run and Walmart run simply because we have nothing better to do on that night and there is nothing on television that suits our fancy.
Well as I said, I found a box of candy canes on the clearance rack for 25 cents. Imagine that . .nothing is only 25 cents. So I snapped them up to make the sweet little valentines I found on 4:53 some time ago. She makes the sweetest things. I would like to tell you that I am creative in my own right but that would be only partly true.
How simple is this? Just a glue gun and a bit of ribbon. So if you haven't started on your valentine decor . . .away you go.
I saw on the Today show this morning (my favorite breakfast show) that today is National wear Red day (American but let's partake anyway) . I was happy that I still had my red Christmas flannelet pajamas that say "let it snow" on. National wear Red Day is to bring attention to Heart Disease and Women. They said that women don't pay careful enough attention to the signs and warnings of heart disease. My own Mom died at 73 from Heart Disease. She had been misdiagnosed for years. Then one early morning she was taken to the hospital and by early afternoon she passed away. My family has a perfect score when it comes to our Cholesterol. We all have it . . high that is. My dad was very fortunate to be properly diagnosed and had a quadruple bypass. He lived for years after that feeling very well.
So . . .when you are making up your hearts . . . save a little time to go for a walk. Ah, yes just as I finish this . .my beloved Mr. T is just coming off the treadmill, I suppose its my turn. They said that 30 minutes of walking a day is all a woman needs. I can do that. . .


  1. 30 mins a day of walking? Yikes does that include walking up and down stairs or to the car, I wonder, because I do that, as well as play 12 hours of volleyball a week (when I don't injure myself that is.) Neat idea for the valetines...yummy looking too...haha.

  2. Your valentines are an excellent way of using up all the old candycanes! And I do love those tulips!!!

    My Mom's heart attack occured when she was 62. She didn't know she was having one until a few hours later, the aching, and tired shoulder pain wouldn't go away. She had been sweeping out a warehouse, a big job, and thought she had just pulled some muscles. About 5 hours later, the pain was pretty bad, and so they went to the hospital and discovered she had had a heart attack. She then had a second one at the hospital (probably finding out that news provoked the second one!). She pulled through and is careful about her cholesterol (now where did you say spell check was in the comment section???). She still neglects any physical activity as she is just too busy doing, ...

    I agree, we need to care for our bodies as if they were our children's or spouses. Usually, we put ourselves last on the list, and care for everyone else first. If we do that long enough, we won't be around to care for anyone. Good for you in being diligent in the 30 minute walking! I would like you to be around a mighty long time! :)

  3. I guess valentine's day is right around the corner isn't it? Your decorations look really good (and tasty) not to forget to mention...So does Anneliese's Tomato soup too)
    Good on you for doing the 30 minute a day of walking. It's also nice that Mr. T is there to help motivate you as well:) I think that I need to get into that habit with my hubby. It would definately be more motivating. Hope you have a great day!

  4. Lovella your so crafty!
    I love your heart Candy Cane.

  5. "It takes a pretty special man to take the place of no man at all."


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