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The picture you see is really four stories that I can count without a moments thought. One of them is Terry saga #2 for obvious reasons. The one I want to tell today though is Tanya's story. Tanya is my niece and the daughter of my brother Gerry and sis-in-law Heidi. She is the little girl in the left bottom of the picture protecting little Stuart. As you can see she was only a few years older than him and yet her mothering instincts were well under way.
Tanya had many ambitions in life and because she was an intelligent little girl it was evident that she had what it took to become most anything she wanted. She continued to grow strong and healthy and eventually earned a university degree and married the young man she fell in love with. Every thing went according to plan. They both worked and she became pregnant and they had a sweet little girl named Annalise. Still everything went according to plan until she experienced her first miscarriage. Who of us doesn't know that sadness of either ourselves or someone very close to us never holding the baby that was kept safe below their heart. They quickly acknowledged that this was not unusual and began to hope for another child. After the next miscarriage they became somewhat more alarmed and prayers began to go up in earnest for my niece and her husband and also for little Annalise who by this time although still a young little girl herself longed for a sister. After several more futile attempts and many trips to the doctor accompanied by related tests they experienced more miscarriages and they realized that their dream for another child would be arriving in a different form.
They began the process of adopting a child. Tanya's own grandfather (my dad) was adopted and so this child in waiting already shares a bond within our family and this situation was already known by God years before Tanya and Chris ever imagined. Isn't is amazing how God knows all our needs before we ask or even think about them?
So now Tanya, her husband Chris and little Annalise are with hope. They have completed all the necessary steps that are required. They have written a letter to the prospective birth mother and are essentially waiting on the Lord for the child that He knows will best fit into their family. They have had the support of family and friends who have joined with them not only in prayer but also many have become involved in fund raising and daily encouragement. When this child who needs a loving home becomes a part of their family it will have been a team effort and we will all weep with joy on the safe arrival of their child. Tanya has throughout this process become inspired to offer hope and assistance through telling her story. She has teamed up with her friend named Jenny who has a heart for couples waiting for a child of their own. You can visit Mended Hearts and perhaps you will find hope and an opportunity for you to share your own story. Tanya has developed her own site that you can visit to see pictures of her, Chris and Annaliese and you can read her own words of the journey that they have been traveling. As a family we pray daily for this little one and the birth mother who has no doubt experienced some of her own difficult days. I have been so encouraged by the many kind people I have met through this vast network of blogland. I have felt my heart grip at the challenges that you face daily and the real life stories that effect so many. You my friends have been an enormous source of encouragement through your comments. There are days when I just need a smile and I know who I can go read to make that happen with haste. When I asked Tanya if I could post about her situation she was quick to agree. I suppose it is like any other challenge faced, once it has been your experience you have a heart for others that have a similar story to tell. I will be sure to tell you the outcome of Tanya's family since you now have become a part of it as well.
Well, I'm off for my 30 minute walk and just for the record yesterday I lied and never did make it on that treadmill. Perhaps I will do that first today and then come back and read my favorite list.


  1. Hi Lovella. Well that is a sad story about your niece. I know about miscarriages since I have had 3. I hope everything goes well with the adoption and their little family can expand.

  2. Lovella,
    Thank you so much for your blog today. It is very close to my heart as my husband and I lost two babies to miscarriage and have gone through many tests in the last 7 years as we haven´t been able to conceive. We were starting to talk about adoption but weren´t sure how it worked here in Argentina. Well, God who works in his ways and his timing had a special plan for us. In September we were introduced to a beautiful 2 year old girl named Salomé. Her mom wasn´t able to take care of her and was looking for a home for her. Well, to make a long story short Salomé has been with us since November and hopefully the adoption will be complete within the year. Thankfully here adoption is so much cheaper than in Canada so we would have never been able to afford it there. Anyways I will not go on longer as this is getting to be a long blog. I am off to read your neice´s website and will say a prayer for her and her family.
    Blessings, Leana in Argentina

  3. Corinne, I thought about you this morning while I wrote my post. I remember those difficult years and I'm so glad that you were blessed with a family.
    Leanna, thank you so much for sharing that with us, I think of you often now and wonder if my new friend from Argentina has stopped in to see me. Now when I think of you I'll have a prayer request to lift to the Lord. I'm sure that you have many stories to share of your life there, any thoughts to beginning a blog of your own?

  4. I love thinking about the fact that there is someone who will be added to your extended family! I will be praying everything goes smoothly.
    In a town near where I live there is a church where everyone has adopted 2, 3, 4 or more kids for Eastern Europe. About a hundred families, the church felt lead to do this, and the talk is that when everyone in your fellowship has adopted kids, it's little different than (bad example coming...look out..) than everyone having a couple of dogs, or horses. Even older empty nesters have taken on kids, and it works. I often think about them and wonder what that would be like, and think what we are doing isn't all that amazing or necessary compared to giving kids a family.

  5. Hi Lovella, I cannot help but be excited for the baby that will be welcomed into a loving, secure home. I will pray that God chose just the right one - which of course He will.

  6. Thank you Auntie Lovella for your beautiful story. You captured our situation perfectly. Believe it or not, I had never really thought about the connection with Grandpa and that our child will have something in common with him. When we were in the middle of the home study, we had to share about our family history of adoption, so of course, Grandpa came up then. But the perspective you gave here was far beyond that. I love it. It's so strange to think about this child whom we don't know yet, but is already connected to us. Thank you for your prayers, support, and love. They mean so much to us!

  7. Auntie Lovella,
    Thanks for your blog today! It is so nice to hear people talk about my sister in such a nice way. She is amazing isn't she! Thanks for your prayer and support during her hard times!

  8. That is so great that they were able to adopt. I too have longed to adopt~don't know why though. (Foster parenting is pretty close to it though so I'm happy with that for now.)

  9. Thank you for sharing this story.

    "...this child in waiting already shares a bond within our family and this situation was already known by God years before Tanya and Chris ever imagined. Isn't is amazing how God knows all our needs before we ask or even think about them?"


  10. I remember the pain of being childless...we almost were.
    Three boys later...whew! Be careful what you ask for as they say :)
    God is good!

  11. I've made a connection that has, once again, made this world a smaller place. I've read mention of Annaliese in your blog and my ears perked up because, just like your name, my name is not that common. I didn't realize that this little girl was Heidi's granddaughter, whom I remember from when we were just girls.
    I was on Salt Spring Island (a little island off Victoria) one summer day,where we passed through a little open bazaar. One of the tables had name plaques with meanings on them, and I enjoyed looking at them. The salesperson wanted to look for my name, but I doubted that they would have it. She looked through her box and actually found it with my spelling and all! I had to buy it just because it was so unusual to see my name on a plaque. (and in a little no-name place, at that) It is a combination of two Hebrew names, meaning "graceful" and "promised to God". I keep it in my kitchen to remind me of whose I am. I'm praying that Annalise will be able to welcome that little brother or sister soon.
    Sorry this got so long.


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