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Just a quick good morning post. I'm off for a dental appointment this morning. I'm taking my camera along. I'm convinced that people will begin to recognize a blogger from a distance not by the obvious tourist look that we are accustomed to mocking, but rather the camera slung about our necks every ready for a blog shot. This morning I was unconvinced that the weather forecaster was telling the truth about the impending rain and so I began to weather surf. I was not happy with the Global News weather so I watched the American weather to see what they would say about Canadian weather. Still not pleased I switched over to the Weather Channel to see the Long Range Forecast. At this point I was even less amused.

How are the Spring Flowers expected to bloom with abandon when they are regularly subjected to ice pellets? They have begun the annual flower count in our province Capital, Victoria. They do this every year, I think to gloat a bit. It truly is a beautiful city to visit as I'm sure many of you already know. How is the flower count coming along in your back yard? I'm sure that Argentina has lovely flowers this time of year. Is it summer for you there? Australia has been enjoying a good bit of warmth, and perhaps we could send you a drop or two of our rain. Texas has been busy planting sweet little pansies ages ago and no doubt have blooming trees already. Only my friends in Toronto, the Prarie Provinces, New York and the Midwest States have mountains of snow to dig away to find the buds of spring. I'm curious is there a bud to be seen in the lovely province of Prince Edward Island? Or is there blooms everywhere on Vancouver Island or is Victoria busy counting them all? I suggest we do our own flower count. Tell me . . . do you have a flower to count in your back yard?


  1. No flowers in my backyard.

    Here is a picture of some orchids though that I just adore, and I have a dieing Spider plant right in front of our kitchen window though. (I'm not good with plants. Funny because my Dad is a Landscaper.Him and my Mom started Suburban Landscaping...have you heard of it?)

  2. Hi Lovella. Yes I have been looking at the new flowers popping through the ground. My crocuses are my favourite. I don't have any daffs but some tulips are on their way. Have fun at the dentist. My appt. is in a few weeks.

  3. My crocuses are blooming , though their poor little heads have been covered with snow several times...other than that I have only promising buds... but the sun just came out and is melting the snow we unexpectedly awoke to this morning.

  4. lovella, i have shoots popping up everywhere. Some of the shoots i don't even know what kind of flower they are. I love spring! Have a great day!

  5. lets see...don't have much of a backyard down here, so we do what we can in containers on our front deck. my red geraniums are sprawling out all over the place in their container by my front door. i have lilies (i'm not sure what kind) growing profusely in the corner container along with a few flowering cactai. and i can begin to see the colors of my hyacinths folded neatly and growing inside of their leaves. now if only my gardenia would get over the shock of a frost and start blooming again!

  6. What a great visual for "almost spring"! You rock with your camera.
    You are right, the trees are starting to bloom here in Texas. The redbud is beautiful, like deep cherry pink cherry blossoms. The loblolly pines are blooming, that is, making pinecones and releasing yellowish green pollen. They are also often covered with yellow Carolina jasmin vines, so they also have yellow flowers 30 feet up the tree!
    It has been warm, so I have had to tuck ice cubes around the pansies to kept them from quitting on me.
    You cup of love logo is darling. I've added "love" for my surfer darlin'. Mine is animated, I can't figure out (yet) how to get it to fit the square nicely!

  7. Hi, Lovella! I live in Florida where something is always in bloom. My pansies are just about wiped out from the heat, so I'll be heading to the nursery this weekend. Sometimes our weather gets a little boring (except when the hurricanes visit). I miss the snow at times.

    Your blog is just beautiful and I love your photos!

  8. Hi Lovella,
    We are just at the end of summer here in Argentina. Today was the first day of school. We have wonderful flowers here almost all year round. I am not so good at the gardening stuff and worse at taking photos. I do have a lovely bird of paradise bush in my backyard and some other exotic plants that I don´t know the names of. I do miss spring in the valley especially tulips and daffodils. Those are hard to come by here. I am working on setting up a blog so hopefully it will be up and running soon.

  9. Hi Lovella,

    I only have snowdrops in bloom. Nothing else, but tulip and daffodil leaf-shoots are popping through the ground. I think I live a little farther east than you do --- spring takes longer to get here.

    I love your blog!

  10. leana, I'm so glad you are working on that blog, I just can't wait.


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