inukshuk of our farmyard

Meet my Inukshuk. If you travel the mountain roads of British Columbia you will from time to time see these stones heaped one on top of another to symbolize a life like person. My little guy is made of jade which incidentally is British Columbia's Gem Stone. The Inukshuk's were first created by the Inuit people of Canada and were used for centuries. They were originally used in the far north to act as guides for travelers, to give direction to all who pass by. This is the symbol that has been chosen by the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Committee. Today the Inukshuk stands on the road that has been traveled as a symbol of welcome and of warm relationships to all who travel by. This little guy is my friendly little greeter standing beside our goldfish pond.
While much of the 2010 Olympic Games will be held in Whistler British Columbia, there is of course much that will be held in Vancouver. The above vintage postcard shows the Capilano Canyon which is passed on the way to Whistler. Make sure you click to enlarge the postcards. The details are so interesting. The above photo appears to be a group having their picture taken. The highway is undergoing a major upgrade and will be ready for the huge increase of traffic during the games. The scenery on the way to Whistler is nothing short of spectacular. We have travelled that route on our Vacations several times and find it breath taking.

This Vintage postcard picture shows the highway to Grouse Mountain. There won't be any competitions held here but it is one of the local mountains that can be seen from downtown Vancouver and is a favorite tourist destination and a local ski mountain. I said to my beloved Mr. T "now why is there no pictures of the road to Whistler" and he said "because when they made these postcards there was probably just a little dirt road going there". . . "oh," . . . I said.
So, this week they started the countdown clock, and I was hoping to be able to add a link of a countdown clock and I thought that would be very clever. I couldn't find one. Grrr. Three years from now the games will begin and the whole world will be invited to British Columbia. So, I've given you the official link and if you are interested in checking the remaining days, click on that.
Today, my beloved and I are helping some friends put on a 70th birthday celebration for her father. This is what we love to do. Last summer Terry and I put on a 70th birthday party for his mom and our friends helped us and now we are happily returning the favour. Preparing a meal and serving with a group of friends simply becomes the party. It doesn't matter that we are not recipients of the party. We have found that sometimes the best of times happen in the kitchen, behind the scenes. We've often thought that there is more laughter and joking around that goes on upstairs in the kitchen than downstairs at the party.


  1. Lovella, thanks for the info !! I remember the first time Vic and I tried to drive to Whistler-- the narrow gravel road was sooo rough we had to turn back. And then when we did finally make it a couple of years later all that there was at Whistler were a couple of chalets and we wondered why someone would spend the money to build them in the middle of no-where? Well, we certainly have our answer, don't we. Nancy Greene's dream has surpssed ,I'm sure,even her wildest expectations.
    How nice of you to help out to make someone's day special!! Have fun!!!

  2. Lovella,
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my Mother's china.
    Your posting today is so informative and the pictures beautiful.
    Our state of Georgia hosted the olympics a several years back. The torch came through near us and we were able to see it.

  3. I love the details and thank-you for the uplifting words...the strawberry salad looks real sweet too...check ya l8er.

  4. Inukshuk: Something new to me! I love that! It would also be great name for a pet cat. I'll keep it in mind.
    Whistler has been on a skiing wish list for you-know-who, and I'd be delighted to come along, as long as I don't have to ski myself. BC Canada: Always a good idea as far as I'm concern. I caught my first 18 inch trout there as a teen, and never wanted to leave. Thanks for tipping us off on the Olympics (so we don't accidently visit during the throng), and sharing the post cards. I really want to go back to BC!

  5. What beautiful postcards and views.


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