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I was visiting some of my favorite blogs this afternoon and found this fun little word picture on my friend Becky's site . I thought I would give it a try for a quick Sunday afternoon after Nascar treat. This is the site if you would like to try it too. It's called

snapshirts . It's interesting to see which words stand out in your blog. Try it out and let me know so I can come visit your word picture too.


  1. lovella love lovella love lovella love lovella love....that's what stands out to me....race on!!!

  2. no surprise there, with the word, "beloved"! :) A bit surprised there aren't more food related words! Too bad! I guess you'll just have to cook up a storm and post those reciptes! Remember, food is always better shared with friends! No hint, just an outright begging taking place here! Love your cooking/baking!!! Have a great Monday tomorrow!

  3. oh this is getting weird, I did snapshirts a few month back, and was thinking of putting it on my blog! I guess one of us can kick back, as the other is going to do the work anyway. I love how your word cloud is so happy.

  4. I tried it...hee hee...I like that!


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