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Do you remember what it smells like to dry your sheets outside? Saturday was the perfect day. It may not have been very warm although I think we hit 12 degrees Celsius, but a gentle breeze dried the sheets in just a few hours. While I was hanging out the sheets, I spotted an eagle in the back of the yard.

Of course, I grabbed my camera, but I didn't get terribly close. My beloved Mr. T. observing this suggested that it could have been my bright pink pajamas to blame, reminding me of their "eagle eyes". Ah, that is where that saying came from. He was beautiful as he flew away but of course I didn't do a really good job of capturing that either.

Even though the air was a bit brisk, I opened up the bedroom window to give it a bit of airing out as well.

Today, I'm going to make a Valentines dinner for my beloved. I tend to cook a bit on whims. I'll go to the market and see what looks good and plan my menu while I'm there. I already have a homemade chocolate cake baking, which I'll layer with some decadent fillings and cover with ganache. I'll no doubt serve some sort of pasta because that is his favorite and probably a Strawberry Spinach Salad for some energy and perhaps some beef tenderloin.

I remember when we were in our early years of marriage, there was tension that would sometimes surround Valentines Day. I have since then realized that there is far too much pressure put on men to provide the perfect date or surprise for their girls. We have long since stopped bowing to the commercialized idea of what the day "should" be and created our own less stressful traditions. After nearly 29 years of marriage I'm just thankful I have one (a marriage that is). I'm thankful that I have a husband that loves me, and he doesn't have to jump through hoops to prove it. He proves it everyday that he happily shares a home with me. I really realized that I don't need all that and I've been much happier since then. When I think back to some of the most romantic things that we've done together there has been very few that involved money or gifts, they have been directly related to the care and nurture of our marriage. You just can't be tense and stressed for days and then expect to have it perfect and romantic. Marriage is rarely as it is in the movies, we all create our own script to a large degree. Some are given scripts that are terribly unfair and I don't know how you get through that and I'm sorry for you if that is the script you've been given.

Whether you plan a special dinner for your children and then later your husband or if you call up some girlfriends and have a chocolate fondue together and watch a chick flick, I hope you have a day filled with happy thoughts and a day that will build your ever growing memory bank.

What are your plans to do sweet and kind things for those you love? I still have time to change mine.


  1. Thank you for this post. Every word is so true, I think we need to tailor the day and its activities to our special mate. I'm so thankful for mine after 46 years of marriage. Just to have each other to share the day with is a blessing.

  2. God blessed me with a child born on Valentine's Day! So, we will be enjoying a lovely heart shaped pizza to celebrate her and some yummy chocolate treats to celebrate the others.

    Your post was great, once again, gave me something to think about. Thank you! Enjoy a lovely meal with your beloved :)

  3. Quiet dinner at home...a bottle of bubbly...we just tend to be homebodies especially during the week.....may favorite dining spot is only blocks away...but lots of bucks to have dinner and wine...and what's dinner without wine?

  4. this year we will stay home, and have a family date. A movie everyone will enjoy, and dinner.
    I so totally agree with you about the hype there is for Valentines Day.
    I am so beyond grateful for my husband, our very close relationship, and the fact that, we beat the odds, and proved wrong the naysayers who discouraged our marriage.
    (you can read about that in my archives under December:)
    Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Mmmm...sheets and blanket dried outside. Something not done much around here, usually too humid to dry anything. I miss how sunshine smells on sheets.
    I'm thinking a glass of wine, some dark chocolate and a dip in the jacuzzi for Valentine's Day.
    I've been asked what I would like this year. Answer: A sheet of paper with three sentences about why my darlin' loves me. Just three.
    We have a thing, from a book series called Apprentice Adept by P. Anthony. When a couple give each other the phrase "thee, thee, thee" the universe changes, because two become one. So three things, a "thee thee thee."

  6. It's interesting to see what other people do for Valentine's Day. When we first started dating and the first couple years of marriage we would go out for dinner. Now that we have Chelsea we just have a dinner at home and watch a movie. Last year, I on behalf of Chelsea (and I have haven't decided if I'm going to do it again this year or not) but I bought a Blizzard Cake from DQ and got them to "sign" her name.


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