What fun, I'm forty-eight. I will never ever bemoan turning a year older. I had a close friend die of cancer before she reached the age of 40 and I promised myself to be thankful for each year that God gives me life. I'm sure that if you are a curious sort you will have already clicked on the above picture to enlarge it and have a better look. Well, enjoy. I've earned every line and wrinkle. Some of them thankfully are laugh lines, the creases in my forehead are from the famous look that my boys friends said I had when they were up to no good. The crown was from Todd and Nancy who made me wear it when we went out for coffee the other night. Such fun. Even though I have been questioned as why I post so many nostalgic pictures (it's my blog and I will if I want to) I wanted to post this sweet birthday party picture. You can see that my mom made cute little birthday clown ice creams. The little girl in the front to the right sent me a birthday email this morning, thank you Shirley. I'm in the black jumper in the back.
I didn't know what to post about this morning and I'll leave all the delights of this day for tomorrows post. My beloved suggested I look into my mom's life story and see what she had to say about this day. I had four older brothers when I was born. So here it is as my mom told it . . .

Another baby coming to join our family. Of course our thoughts and wishes were would it be a little girl this time? But my prayers were for a healthy baby and that all would go well - God knows best. We were very excited and many with us wishing us well. I thought, should I knit something in pink this time or sew a frilly little dress? I could always give it to some one else. Time went by so quickly and before we knew it was almost time for our baby to arrive. We were hoping it would come a few weeks early to make it in time for my birthday gift but it chose to come two weeks later February 23, 1959 on a Monday at 12:40 pm weighing 6 lbs. 11 0z. just tiny - The Doctor said "Its a girl". I could hardly believe my ears. I was very excited and could not wait to let Aron and every body else know. So as soon as we were ready, the nurses wheeled me passed the desk, dialed our number and let me break the news to Aron. He was sitting in the corner where the phone was and cleaning eggs, waiting for the phone call. I just told him Lovella is here - he could not make out what I was saying, after repeating several times I said Congratulations, you have become the father of a little girl. Oh then he was wide awake and wondered if I was phoning myself - well yes, I said and he ordered me to bed and said he would be right there. He was out of breath when he came to the hospital as though he had run all the way.

Thanks mom and dad for always making me feel loved, what a wonderful gift you gave me. Have a wonderful day everyone and please have a piece of chocolate cake where ever you may be.


  1. Happy Birthday Auntie Lovella! It was so great to read what Grandma had once written about you! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy birthday! 48...what a wonderful age. It's so nice to see a woman that ages gracefully and appreciates the years behind her instead of fearing the years ahead. I hope today you feel the Father's hand of blessing on you in a tangible way. I'd sing "Happy Birthday To You" but really, you don't want me doing that.

  3. Happy Birthday to You Lovella. I was thinking about you yesterday wondering what you would post today. Would you keep you birthday a secret or publish it? I'm glad you chose the latter and what an amazing thing to have your mother's thoughts with you. Hope you have a great day doing whatever makes a great day for you.
    Love Corinne

  4. A most blessed birthday to you , Lovella !!!
    And congratulations for flaunting your age. I'm with you , proud to be have earned every year !!
    May this be your best one yet !!!
    wishing you God's Sonshine all year thru!

  5. Happy Birthday, Lovella! I hope that you you will be blessed with many more years to come and that you may continue to look forward to every single one. I really enjoyed the little entry from your mom. That is just such a great idea and a treasure to have for sure. Once again, Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday Vellie.

    I left a few thoughts on my blog about this big day. It was about as mushy as i could get.

  7. You look marvelous! I hope that the sunshine has been brightly shinning down on you! As the snow was blinging me on my run, I thought of how God specially dressed the neighbourhood for your birthday! I looked up your name and found this:
    " "Lovella
    Life is never dull with your adventurous and restless spirit. You are always on the move and seeking a new challenge to pit your wits against. Being in touch with nature you love the outdoors. You have keen intuition and a desire for knowledge and you can be something of a crusader. When you apply discipline and tenacity to your energetic mind then leadership positions are easily available to you. " I love this meaning! Hope your day is as wonderful as you!

  8. Happy Birthday Lovella!!! You look amazing and I am very happy to be able to 'get to know' you a little if only through the blogworld. You have such a great spirit and have been an incredible inspiration to me...Enjoy your day and Many Many More Happy Birthdays to YOU!

  9. Happy, happy Birthday Lovella! You look just fabulous! Have a wonderful day celebrating with your family.

  10. Since I don't have a blog of my own where I could write about you my dear friend, I will use your blog to write my thoughts about you.
    Words that cross my mind as I think about you are: witty, kind, creative, real, honest, trustworthy, to name just afew.
    Your blog speaks much of your love and committment to Terry. Those reading this blog need to know that this is the real thing. You have modeled well your love and honor of Terry, your love for your boys and daughter in laws. You want to see others suceed, and are a wonderful friend.
    I love your wit and sense of humor. You can take an ordinary day and turn it into a fun adventure.
    You are my classy friend! Happy Birthday princess. Love Kathy

  11. (One Kathy after another here :) - Happy Birthday Lovella! You make a lovely princes. I confess, I was coveting your little John Deer wagon - but I got over it. May you have a wonderful year full of God's tender mercies.


  12. Happy Birthday, dear Lovella...
    Today would have been my dad's 79th. He is with his heavenly Father now..
    It's a good thing.
    Enjoy every moment of your special day!

  13. Happy Birthday to you! How happy you must be to have something written down about the time when you were born...

  14. Happiest of birthdays,Lovella. You wear the princess crown well!

  15. I had to laugh when you wrote about "go ahead and enlarge the picture". You called me on it. I am a total picture clicker. Not so much to count wrinkles and fine lines, but to look at what surrounds the thing actually being photographed. Like the decoration of a room, or in an lod picture, what was in the setting.
    Happy Birthday, you look great! Like you haven't changed a bit in 10 years!

  16. Happy Birthday Lovella! This post deserves a comment from me and I am sure my mom would have posted one to had she known how! You look really nice in the picture and I hope you had a very good day!

  17. Happy 48th Birthday Lovella!!!

    You are still so pretty with your shiny hair and your chocolaty eyes...

    did you say chocolate cake? Where? where?...I would love a piece!

    And that is so special that you still have your mom's words to rich!!!

    My husband's 29th birthday is 2 days after yours, how neat is that!

    (My word verification letters are: oyksheqd...isn't that neat?...Oh Why Ok she cutie...I guess God'd trying to tell you that you are a cutie...haha.)

  18. Happy, happy birthday!
    I agree that birthdays are the celebration of life. I hope you had an extra special day and look forward to reading about it!
    Happy birthday. :)


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