dinner and the oscar dresses

Stuart and Karlee blessed me with these beautiful tulips and dinner.
"Home is an endless circle of love". Terrence and Bea gave me that beautiful picture. I hope they will always believe that to be the truth. Bea made a really yummy Caramel Apple Trifle.

Later we went back to Stuart and Karlee's where Tobee performed all his best tricks.

Currently his best performance is retrieving his rope. He also excels in sitting, laying down and coming. He received a perfect score at puppy classes last week.

Notice the gift bag. Pretty funny. That was from Terrence and and Bea. Tobee belongs to Karlee and yet they saw it and thought it was appropriate.

We made it back in time to see a good part of the important Oscar awards. My favorite part is the dresses of course.

I've all but given up capturing the essence of our family on camera. I have many pictures that I will now delete because of fingers in others face orifices. Boys.
Did you watch the Oscars? I have the link to the dresses, I invite you to watch the slide show and then come back to vote on your favorite. So which was your favorite Oscar dress. ? I was happy to see that for the most part they were dressed. I quite liked Helen Mirrin. I thought she looked really regal. We really don't see a lot of movies and I haven't seen "The Queen" yet but will very soon. Has anyone seen it and did you like it? Any other movies out there worth a watch?
Oh and by the way, yesterday I jumped the gun (so to speak) and I posted Ken and Natalie's 1st anniversary hoping I would get an email of permission to post it. I never heard back from them so I put it back into draft mode. Perhaps, they'll still grant permission and I will put the post back up. Obviously they had better things to do on their first anniversary than read their email. Happy Anniversary Ken and Natalie.
I'm off for my 30 minute walk and then lunch with Terry and mom. That will officialy mark the end of celebration week. Phew.


  1. The puppy is so cute!
    I have seen The Queen. A impromptu discussion broke out in the ladies room afterwards. I still think Q. Elizabeth should not have lowered the flag. Not when so many people in GB were killed doing heroic things in WWII, a young woman (tragic that she may have been) who simply dressed nicely just doesn't cut it with me for deserving a national tribute that lowering the flag signifies. Q. E. drove an ambulance in WWII, and she is right, in great crisis a stiff upper lip will carry you through what needs to be done. I'd love to hear what other women think about this...Pop culture has addled the brains of so many (and I have presented a paper at a Popular Culture Conference so I DO respect and understand pop culture.)
    Note that Jennifer Hudson had POCKETS in her Oscar de la Renta gown. Oh my!

  2. Jill thank you for those thoughts, I'm so glad you made it first to the comment field. Your research background is so appreciated.

  3. I, too watch for the dresses, as I haven't seen a one of those movies, and had not even heard of many of them! I really liked Reese Witherspoons dress, and Helen Mirrens was so fitting for a woman her age. I loved it. But Celine Dions dress was my favorite of all...fitted, yet very flowy and almost ethereal. What an incredible voice she has!

  4. I have to say one thing about the Oscars....it's wasn't so much the dresses that caught my attention as the loving gaze Jada Pinkett Smith gave her husband Will Smith when they announced his nomination. I saw it and thought to myself...sigh...they still have it after 10+ years of marriage. Apparently I'm easily inspired. Plus I've been telling my husband the last few days that he's my Beloved. Grin.

    I also must say that you should have posted the pics of your boys sticking their fingers in eachother's noses etc because THAT IS the essence of boys. It would have been a good laugh for all us. And it's good to know that your boys are still silly and friendly with one another into their adulthood.

  5. Hi Lovella, aren't you proud when your 'grandpup' does well in kindergarten??
    Your roses are beautiful and the picture is so neat! I haven't heard that saying before.
    I don't go to movies so I don't watch the Oscars but I did look at your site to see the dresses. I thought Helen Muren's lace dress was beautiful..and I thought Jennifer Lopez's was very creatively different -judging from what I could see - only the bodice.

  6. Hi Lovella. I watched a bit of the Oscars and thanx for the link to see more of the dresses. My favourites were Resse Witherspoon and Camren Diaz. I didn't agree with the braless Jessica Biel.

  7. My favorite oscar dress was Kate Winslet's green valentino. I loved the way it flowed. I also thought Reese Witherspoon's was nice too. Helen mirren looked beautiful! I was a little disappointed though i thought there were alot of unflattering dresses.Like Jennifer Lopez dress was alittle over done.

  8. running wildly, I just hauled my beloved into the office and read your comment. The funny thing is . . .it was HIS finger that was in Stuart's nose. They never ever grow out of that. About the movie star sweet hearts, isn't it always amazing that some of them can actually hold their marriages together? It always makes me cheer a little extra for them.

  9. HA! All the more reason for you to post a pic. Also, it's great that they never grow out of that....keeps life fun and vibrant. If you read my blog you'll know this is my philosophy, laugh and laugh more...be goofy and silly. Life's too short for anything else. I still jump on the bed, I still shove my fingers up my husband's nose when he's starting to fall asleep, I still throw cold water on him in the shower (that, by the way usually ends up with me screaming around the house with him hot on my tail while I end up getting soaked), and pillow fights in our house are a daily occurance. So as you see, some of your audience would appreciate fun pics that you have taken.

  10. Hi again. I just realized that you have music to your blog. I could faintly hear something through our headset so I put it on and low and behold - Amazing Grace. What a pretty version of that song.

  11. awesome post! I love that song. Way to add music to your blog!!!
    I thought Helen looked great too.

  12. We've seen The Queen and we both enjoyed it. My husband thought it showed good insight into British people and their whole "stiff upper lip" mentality when it comes to showing emotions.

  13. Hands down....the queens dress and I did love Jlo's "old Liz" looking dress.

  14. Hi! I "stumbled" across your blog through Carolanne. It's a beautiful blog and I've enjoyed reading your posts. I love this version of "Amazing Grace." I just wanted to say thanks for adding it to your site.

  15. I love that music video and Vicki you may be the last to hear it becauase I recieved an email from someone saying that they haven't been able to view my blog since I installed it. So, sad. I removed it now because I don't want to cause that kind of grief.

  16. I liked Keisha Whitaker's dress...well from the photo anyway because I didn't watch the Oscars. In fact I usually don't watch them, like I said on Art's site.

    Hey and look I'm commenting Lovella, woohoo...it is up!

    I Great MOVIE...that you NEED TISSUE for is: The Bridge To Terabithia. Here is the review on it...Movie Review Notice it is CHRISTIAN BASED and it has a great moral to be learned in it. WE LOVED IT!!!

  17. For me I would have to say Penelope Cruz's gown. Would it not be fun to try those all on with a friend. That one looked to me like it would stay up, if you know what I mean. It fit her beautiful figure and then flowed out so billowy at the bottom. A little flirty, a little fun. The fabric was georgeous. Maybe on our trip we will have to have a fun girls trip to town to try on some glamorous gowns and funky outfits.
    Your 'birthweek' was full of lovely outings and things. I think we should all extend our birthdays into birthweeks. Kathy


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