barrel roasting boys

Last summer we had a 70th birthday party for my mom-in-law at Sweet Dreams Bed and Breakfast. They have the loveliest setting for out door events in the summer and a wonderful space to host parties inside. Putting on a party of this size would be difficult to manage on our own but we have some terrific friends who love to help one another. I told you the end of last week that we would be returning the favour and so this weekend we helped to put on a 70th birthday for Nancy's dad. Oh and by the way in the picture above you can see two of my brothers Ken and Gerry and also my sis-in-law Heidi. Of course they would be invited to my husbands mom's birthday, we've kind of grown into one big family.

The barrel roasting boys had the job of roasting the chicken. Basically the chicken thighs are marinated for 24 hours and then roasted in a briquette barrel barbecue. It tastes fabulous. In between we brought the barrel roasting boys (Todd and Terry and later Rob) some wieners to roast for their appetizers. They regularly sent word that they were crispy on the outside and tender juicy on the inside. Funny guys.

The rest of us were inside putting together the rest of the meal. Roast beef, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables and salads. It was pretty yummy. Dorothy is busy at the sink washing the dishes and Nancy is keeping us all organized and directing the party. She was amazing. Last summer after the event for my mom-in-law she said, wow, this is what I'd like to do for my Dad, would you guys be willing to help me then? Oh course we were glad to help.

Dorothy and I are busy doing something at the counter and Richard, Dorothy's husband is helping on the other side. Oh is that Rob in the background? Um, yes it is no doubt waving at his dear wife who was out of town for the party.

The well smoked barrel roasting boys minus Todd are resting themselves on the comfy couches, nothing left to do but the clean up.
Richard and Dorothy are the queen and king of hosting. They have a gorgeous Bed and Breakfast. All who enter the doors are immediately aware of the peaceful and restful surroundings. The breakfasts are all made completely from fresh ingredients and always include something fresh from the oven. In our busy life styles we don't often experience a time of uninterrupted rest. We work and work for what? We all need a time of rest and reflection from time to time so that our marriages can be refreshed and renewed. Perhaps a night away is just what you need.


  1. They should hire you on sure know how to sell the place! :) It looks beautiful & sounds heavenly.

  2. Hi Lovella! This is Lil, Flo's older =) sister. I just checked your blog out today, and wanted to comment on how beautifully you write, and what a blessing it was to read your "Learning to Cleave" blog! PTL for your strong marriage, especially through the tough times!

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. It's interesting that you dropped by, because I read your blog yesterday and wanted to leave a comment. But I was interrupted at the time. I wanted to congratulate you on your 100th blog. I noticed that you've been happily married for 28 years. We just celebrated our 29th anniversary. It's nice to meet other couples who are still in love after all these years. My children are still living at home.

  4. What an absolutely beautiful place inside and out! Sounds like you have alot of fun when you get to work there! Thought I'd drop by this morning and leave you a comment now cuz I won't get to read your new post till I get home from my first day of Work. I'll let you know how it goes! Have a great day!
    Most times I leave a comment I have to enter the word verification twice. I wonder why that is? Has anyone else said anything like that to you?

  5. Lovella, Just thought I would let you know that I have changed my blog name to

    Enjoy your day :)


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