Anneliese's Tomato Soup

You'll need some fresh basil and some fresh dill. I've used dry many times and it is still very tasty and fresh.
You'll need a deep heavy bottomed pot so that it doesn't scorch at the end when you add the white sauce.

Make the white sauce in a 4 cup measuring cup in the microwave.

Anneliese's Tomato Soup
We first had this soup at a care group leaders dinner. Anneliese served this as a starter course and it had a puff pastry crust baked onto the top. That is the classy way to serve it. Down here on the farm we just serve it in a bowl with some crusty bread.
Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in the bottom of a heavy pot.
Add . . 1 large diced onion.
....1 cup of diced celery
.....1 diced green pepper.
Simmer until translucent.
Add . . 1 28 ounce can of tomatoes . . whirl them up in the blender a bit.
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
Simmer 10 minutes on medium heat.
Add a hand full of finely chopped fresh basil
Add a few sprigs of finely chopped dill
Add 2 cans of chicken broth. (Annneliese probably made her own)
While this simmers . . .make the white sauce
In a 4 cup measuring cup put
1/4 cup real butter
put in the microwave to melt
Add 1/4 cup of flour and whisk together.
Add 2 cups of milk and heat until slightly thickened.
Add the white sauce to the soup.
Simmer at a low heat and serve with crusty bread.

I love February. I'm glad it is here.
I wasted an enormous amount of time changing my template around and then back and forth and then back to the original. I think it will stay put for now.
Well, Anneliese . . thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe with me. We have enjoyed it many times and thought of the hospitality that went with it.
My beloved Mr. T is touching up the trim with a bit of fresh cloud white. I shall go and lend a bit of support, a cup of coffee and a chat.
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  1. Aw I was wondering about your template...but you know Lovella I really liked the one where your flowered pictures were on the right hand side...and the heading was brown...I thought it was rather pretty...but this look, your original look, looks very clean and refreshing.

    And this soup, man!, it looks so delicious...almost like the Carrot soup I buy premade...I think it's made by k'nor or something. Anyhow check ya later friend.

    Love you~

  2. Ok Demara, lets try this one then and see what people think. I just wish I could put a picutre up at the very top and then just have the title kind of stuck in there.

  3. Hi Lovella. The soup looks delicious and I might try it for a Valentine's dinner. You know for the red colour. I love all the little pictures you have of all the white things. I love white things, furniture, dishes, flowers, clothing, paint, just about everything white looks good to me. Well have a good day.


  4. OK, give. What templet is this one?

    And have you seen the "skins" out there that are really unique?

    Eeek, I've live through painting, wall papering, stenciling, faux finishes and now I'm going to go through the same thinking about my electronic "walls"?

  5. Corinne, I was thinking of serving this for the first course for our Valentines dinner as well. It is so yummy. Thanks for stopping by and saying HI.
    Jill, I've been trying to post a comment on your swanky new lap top but alas it won't allow my disertation. This is the rounders template with the colors changed up a bit. After one wasted day . .I think I like it .. I think.
    I love the new soft pink on yours, I really do. I didn't know that you could change to that colour. I'm a bit envious.
    So how was the rehearsal dinner tonight? I wait with baited breath for the details. The toes were perfect. Did you manage to find some of those little peekaboo toe heels? I'm glad your such a photo girl. . . later.


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