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This morning Tim and Flo came for breakfast at 8:30. They both had the day off and because of our busy schedules we've resorted to breakfast get togethers. I copied Dorothy's breakfast bake thing that she does for her B&B and made some blueberry muffins to boot.

Terry and Tim were friends first because they both worked at Safeway and he certainly would have been Terry's best man but he went off to Europe to do a stint of Bible School. Later on when Tim and Flo got married we started to develop a friendship that has lasted more than 26 years. Our kids were a bit older than their kids but nonetheless we went camping together every summer for 14 years. We looked forward to that all year long, saving a little every month so we would have the funds available for 2 weeks in the Okanagan.

We have played more hands of Rook, shared more dinners, discussed the ins and outs of Safeway, and hiked the trails of Manning Park with them more than with any other family. They were there for us when we found out 25 years ago that Terry had cancer and we felt sick with them when 2 of their children were diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Friendship really does set in deep when you work through tough times together.

The Tim stories are endless but the one I'll relate today happened during the time that Terry had a broken leg. (sometime I'll tell you about that era in our lives) We decided that even though Terry's leg was broken there was absolutely no reason that all of us should suffer with boredom. It was a beautiful summer day and the kids wanted to go to Stanley Park. We were always looking to borrow some vehicle that could manage the nine of us and at the time the only option was my parents camper van. We borrowed a wheel chair for Terry and off we went. We weren't 10 minutes from home when Tim nearly drove us over a 4 foot embankment which would have surely toppled our camper van. Had it not been for the collective scream to alert Tim we would have been down the other side of that narrow curb. This did not bode well for the rest of the day but we were not to be discouraged.

When we got to Stanley Park Terry obediently presumed the position in the wheelchair and off we headed to the Kids train. This was at a point in Tim's life where his energy was abounding and he set off at a rather brisk pace. The more Terry told him to slow down the faster he went. The warning bells were ringing. Now I don't know if you are familiar with the path leading up to the train but it has a lot of gnarly roots under the scant layer of pavement. We could see the small front wheels begin to quiver and Terry could feel the wheelchair begin to shake. Without any warning at all the wheelchair abruptly stopped, hurling Terry into the air. As fast as he went up he came down skidding to a halt with his plaster cast scraping along for a good 2 feet. When it was all said and done his heel was exposed and had it not looked so funny we would have been more convincing about our concern. Ah yes, these are the memories that will be retold year after year and they just get funnier. I will be sure to tell more Tim tales another time. We have been continually amused at Tim's defiance at the status quo. His hair styles over the years have changed from big Afro when they got married to shaved absolutely bald in more recent years. I really need to invest in a scanner so I can amuse my loyal readers with pictures from the past. This morning he informed us that he is working on a Grampa Munster look. Ah yes, he really is an entertainer at heart.

Tim and Flo have been a blessing in our lives. We don't even bother to get out the rook cards anymore . We would be doing too much talking and not enough playing. Now we are just like I remember my parents being when they would have "old" friends over talking about the good old days. Oh my.


  1. Reading about your Stanley Park experience... I was wondering if your readers wouldn't love to hear about how Terry 'fell' for your large extended family the first time we met him !! - the memory still puts a smile on my face..... We love you , Terry !!

  2. Julie, the funny thing is that my mother-in-law was telling that story at a family gathering the other day but she was confused as to who it was and told it as if it was her brother-in-law and Terry and I just kept out mouths shut. I read Terry your comment and he said . . ."oh boy". Yes, you are right, people deserve the truth and I'll tell it one time.

  3. Very nice post! I remember them too and I agree they are very nice people (what I remember of them)

  4. oh come on, if this can't coax a comment out of flo, i don't know what will! love those people too :)

  5. Oh so that's Tim and Flo...ok ya I recognize them from my old church...aw...hmmm I don't think I've ever met them before though, but wow it's neat that Flo was my Aunt's best friend in Grade 7 and that Tim could be a relative's of my other Aunt's...interesting.


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