"shoppa go-nna" & the quilt

I finished my quilt this week. I'm glad. I just thought I'd let you have a look. (Especially those in the Essential quilt club.)

"Shoppa go-nna" is my own personal neologism and I like it. I coined this phrase some time ago and my girls know it means serious stuff. Yesterday Terry and I went to find the last few trinkets for our beloved and deserving children. We know that Christmas is not about the gifts but we delight in finding them a treasure or two. It is mind befuddling to think that if we feel joy in such trivial and superficial giving, how much joy must God have felt when he sent Jesus as a gift to us.

Although the storm outside was brewing and I felt somewhat compelled to stay at home so as to not miss a speck of it, but we once again put our feelings aside to think of our beloved children. We went to the mall (inside with no windows to see the storm rip) and Terry went upstairs to Sears' tool section to seek stocking stuffers and I headed downstairs to look for goodies there. We always check to make sure our cell phones are turned up so that we can locate each other when we are done. As you may well know, cell phone reception leaves a bit to be desired in the mall. After just a few minutes, I realized that there was nothing to fit the bill downstairs and tried to call Terry for a rendezvous point. Ah, the phone kept cutting out and I wasn't even sure it had rung for him so I figured I may as well head back up the escalator to find him. I was about half way up and I see him coming down the other side. We wave and I point to the bottom as if to say I'll meet you downstairs and he also points down. I then took a short cut through the boys wear and hurried to the down escalator. I'm half way down and I see Terry heading back up the other side. He just smiles. Now, I don't know should I wait down there or should I head back up knowing that I'll see him grinning again coming down. I won't call him any names. Last time I did that, people started calling him a kook on the street. Not nice.
We later ate a hot dog at the mall. We find it strangely enjoyable, sitting there waiting for people we know to come by for a visit. Terribly fun.
Well on the storm note. It was not disappointing. We lay in bed and at one point I almost suggested that we move away from the window. The bungalow took a bit of a shaking and I wondered whether Terry would be going up again to glue down more shingles. At 11:00 the wind gusts were 91km. and it was even more frightful a bit later on. I was hoping the schools would be closed for my dear ones who teach but alas, the storm cleared.
I just love a good storm, its so invigorating.


  1. I love the quilt! You did a fabulous job with the layout of the colors. Hope you enjoyed it enough to make another one with me sometime!!


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