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Did I mention that I got a new sewing machine for Christmas? I've read the manual through at least 3 times and I'm ready for the install.
I don't have a sewing room in our bungalow but Terry has made a sewing closet in my laundry room. It's the niftiest and I quite like it. He had built in my last Bernina which as I have mentioned earlier is 28 years old and is now happily residing in Bea's house. In the above picture you can see Terry is now measuring the difference to my counter top. Luckily this new machine is a pinch bigger for the adjustment.

Ah, the joys of marrying a handyman. Terry is a master Bricoleur. If a college degree could be had in Bachelor of Bricolage, he would certainly already achieved that several times over. You single girls might want to think about that and even ask about your date about his handyman credentials.

So, here it is all installed. Pretty slick, don't you think? Yesterday after the install I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to figure the "sewing computer" out. I laughed when I realized that it threads itself. How perfect is that for my middle aged eyes? My mom used to say that God threaded her machine for her every time. She would point the thread in the right direction and say a prayer. She was always quite amazed that it literally threaded itself.
I practised how to program in special stitches and how to write my name. A little like school. It is definitely a dream machine. I will try very hard not to talk about my new sewing computer in every post.

Tonight we are having friends over for dinner and I'm trying to make a "authentic spaghetti and meatball" sauce that I found on the Internet. It's called Anthony's Spaghetti and Meatballs. I've spent the last three hours making this so I hope it will be worthwhile. The recipe is detailed down to how many minutes to stir the sauce before you add the next ingredient. I've always felt that I have a pinch of Italian blood in my Mennonite veins. I just love Italian food.


  1. Where was that in Home Ec class?

  2. That comment made me smile Danna. Did you mean about the marrying the handyman or the spaghetti sauce? LOL

  3. What a lucky women you are to have a man who knows how to use his tools!!!

  4. What a neat high tech sewing machine! You know, there have been times when I've had a sewing repair project or sewing alteration when I've been tempted to phone you and just get you to do it. Maybe now I will :) I really don't enjoy sewing at all.


  5. I just realized that now. Yes, both!

  6. I think I see you glowing from up here on my hill! There is definately a bright light past the airport! Enjoy your machine! And its good to see you out of the closet from time to time!

  7. Single girls should consider if he is a handyman...heck yeah!
    My friends swooned over the guys who could sing or play the gitar, I said for music I can turn on the radio, give me a man with a robust collection of tools and the skills needed to make or fix everything in the house. My very own "Mr. Electricity" can check my shorts anytime!
    Love your sewing nook, and I really want that self threading machine (the sight of me trying to thread a needle makes people leave the room.)
    I've got a sewing/millinery room, some day I want my hubby to have his own workshop, NOT just a corner of the garage.


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