debacle and decor

Well I've had a fabulous week and a frustrating one at the same time. First of all I'll tell you about my debacle to post. I went to post a picture and my edit toolbar was gone. No spellcheck, no picture uploader, nothing, zilch. I finally went onto the blog group help and realized that many others were having the same problem. One way to fix it is to clean out the cache or something. The other suggestion was to press F5 and refresh. Poof, the toolbar was back. So if you run into a similar problem, try that.
Otherwise the week has been great. I would like to tell you that Terry and I have always romantically chopped down our Christmas tree together but sadly that would be a fib. We have however the past few years started that tradition. I've realized that we need to continue to start new fun things together in our "autumn" years. (that was a bit of a joke about us being in our autumn years) This year with the bad weather we just didn't have the gumption to go out into the field and cut one down. Typically it's the one in the very back of the field that I love the most and neither one of us was willing to go there. This year we went to the Garden Store for our tree hunting. Again, because of the storm they also didn't have any fresh trees in yet except for the flocked ones. Thus the flocked tree. It was fun to do and next year we will trudge through the open field Starbucks in hand choosing the right tree.

The other thing I wanted to mention in the picture is the antique cabinet. It is possibly the most valuable, sentimental piece of furniture we own. It was built in 1937 by my paternal grandpa for my Dad and though I'm uncertain, it was possibly for my parents wedding gift. It was their closet, kitchen cabinet, desk and chest of drawers. It has survived a trip across the prairies, the flood of 1948 and a move to the city and back to the country again. I love imagining what it must have held over the years. They would have never imagined that one day it would be our entertainment center.

We also hosted a dinner party in our bungalow for 10 guests. I love to make the house look festive and inviting for Christmas but without the laughter and sounds of people filling our home it would mean nothing. Somewhere between Terry's claustrophobia of having too many people squeezed in and my love of filling the house to the rafters, we have learned to compromise. It wasn't until this particular party where I said, "you really do feel claustrophobic?" The poor guy has been telling me that for 28 years, and I always thought it was more of a . . . "we're going to be a little full aren't we?" He always offers to sit at the island which is simply not an option. We had a couple over fresh from New Zealand. They have only been in Canada 1 week and so I asked if they have found very many cultural differences at which he replied . . "well we are quiet while we eat". Oh dear, this must have been a bit of a shock.

We were invited to both of our sons and daughter-in-laws for dinner. Everything was amazing. The dinners were wonderful, the houses were perfectly decorated in warmth and Christmas splendor.
What a bunch of blessings.


  1. The antique cabinet is a wonderful memory and inheritance from your parents. I didn't know it had such a rich history. Hmmm, if only it could talk. Enjoying your blog, keep it up.


  2. Thanks Lorna, I love it that you check in with me once in a while. It is amazing how things that were hand crafted by those we love have such precious meaning. Your kids have already blessed you with such beautiful art. Those pictures really are invaluable.

  3. Hi Lovella, I just learned about your blog today and love it !! I will be back regularly .... I feel sorry for New Zealanders.... either they are all very poor cooks or they don't know how to talk with their mouth full !! smile

  4. Thank you for the encouragement Julie and please do visit again. Perhaps New Zealanders were taught manners early in life. I must have missed the lesson on listening more than talking.

  5. I really like the Christmas decorations. I think that your cabinet is absolutely beautiful!


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