Christmas Day 2006

Apparently I've been a good girl.
Breakfast for two

Bea's Poinsettia napkins . . . that girl has such patience.

Lunch time snack of spincah and aritchoke dip.

Every year Terry's sister Brenda and her husband Rik have given the boys cash. Every year they begin to plot sometime after Boxing day about how they will make that cash somewhat difficult to get to. The game started quite simply when they were still quite young. They had put a couple of Santa Claus ornaments on the tree with money hidden in them. Since then they've hidden the money in old ties, inside wine bottles with the corks securely in place, money made into lovely japanese fans. folded into tiny little squares and put into those little foil decoration boxes that are used in floral arrangements, inside 2 of the rolls of toilet paper of a 4 roll pack and then taped back into the package and I can't remember what all. This year it was put between 2 blocks of wood which were glued together and then bolted 4 times with long screws. I think that they could put in Monopoly money and the kids would still be happy.

Rik and Brenda plotting their next move, looking none to pleased that those kids got into the money again. How many sleepless nights will they have before next Christmas. Thanks Rik and Brenda for being a great aunt and uncle.

Stuart and Karlee with a Christmas "Halo"? and new Christmas socks.

Mom enjoying her family.

All in all it was a really great day. We sadly overindulged and we suffered a bit for that. I tried a new turkey brine this year which I'm happy to report was quite tasty. I tried a new Yam Puff recipe that was delish. The boys didn't complain about the few dried cranberries that I snuck into the dressing. I didn't overcook the broccoli. My girls cleaned up after the dinner which was so sweet of them. After they all left Terry and I quickly cleaned up the mess and then relaxed, listened to Christmas music and talked about what a wonderful time we had.


  1. You have been very good this year! Congratulations on your new addition (a new sewing machine always reminds me of Fiddler on The Roof!).
    I am glad your day went so very well. Blessings!

  2. The hidden money game sounds like it would make for a great csi episode's plot. And it looks like you had a great Christmas too!

  3. Wowzers! I can't wait to see that machine in person!! You most definitely were a good girl! A friend of mine got a new machine for Christmas too! I know what I'm saving for now! What are you going to make first?

  4. I'm not even sure what my first project will be. I'm determined to learn all about it. I'm studying the manual and Terry is going to build it in for me. He's working on the template for the countertop. I haven't even plugged it in yet with all the frolicking and festivites.

  5. Our family tradition was grandparents giving a dollar for each year to kids on their birthday, and the dollars were hidden all over the house with clues. Thanks for sharing, I had forgotten how much fun that was!

    And Lord, I repent for coveting my neighbor to the north's new sewing machine. Kind of repenting...oh help me get over this, I really want her machine.

    You showed great restraint by having it on the table instead of putting it through its paces in the sewing room while everyone else ate turkey!


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