chickens on the tree

A few years ago I put a trio of fake alpine trees our family room. I hunted around for some Chicken decorations and couldn't really find anything casual. I left it for a few days, planning on looking around a bit more, quite happy with some mini lights to add a bit of ambiance in the evenings. Later Terry came in with about 20 of these chickens that he made out of sheet metal, a nail and hammer and some tin snips. I added the raffia ribbon. He draws the line at making bows. Such a sweet thing to do. A little romantic I think. I'll love them forever. Someday when Terry and I become superannuated and our kids cart us off to the old folks home I hope they have the good sense to decorate our little fake tree with the little chickens. If we're not allowed a little tree, perhaps they could string the chickens together and tie them to our bed posts.

I helped Dorothy a bit again today and I'm happy to report that I didn't dump anything on the floor. It was a bit funny though, after we served lunch we were making croissant sandwiches for ourselves. I said to Dorothy . . ."oh shoot, did they eat all the lettuce?" at which she replied "did you put it out?" Oh boy, Dorothy and I had an entire carefully crafted lettuce flower sort of thing (that I had bit a bit proud of) all to ourselves.


  1. Those chickens are fabulous. What a creative hubby you have! And the rafia ribbon, well... that just finishes them off to a T. I promise that when you're an old folk and carted off that I'll make sure those chickens find their way to your tree or bedpost!! Love ya!


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