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Sunday mornings we generally have an early morning coffee with our care group. I can't remember what year we began doing that and although it's not a hard and fast rule it is assumed. We recently ran into a snag in that our usual establishment closed its doors and this morning we hunkered down at Starbucks. Did you know that you are not allowed to take pictures around their displays?
We have a diverse group of people which makes our conversations intriguing and sometimes down right intellectual. Why just this morning Ray and Becky were saying on the way to meet us that all of us girls end our names with an A and all the guys end with either a Y or and N. At this point I said but if we start to say John . .nY and Ken . . nY, well then all the guys will end with a Y and we'll be good to go. One day we realized that all of us girls but Linda had Peters for our maiden names, but none of us are related. This gives you a bit of an idea of the useful information that goes back and forth. It is quite invigorating.
Together we have shared our daily lives and have tried to be an encouragement to one another. We spend a good deal of time laughing and talking. We have gone on Dinner Cruises to see the Fireworks, we helped at church functions together, we've even helped each other with a bit of renovating, we've enjoyed the benefits of each others expertise but I daresay, what we enjoy most is eating together.
Together, we've come up with some great ideas. One year we even planned a wedding together with Ken and Linda when their daughter Karlee and our son Stuart got married. (Stuart and Karlee actually came up with the idea to date by themselves . . really)

Yes, it is a blessing to have friends who are a constant in our lives. Friends, who are accepting of us but who are also willing to help us in our areas of struggle. What a wonderful thing it is to belong.
Well I must hurry to get brunch ready. The chill'ns are all coming and we have dinner guests coming tonight and I still need to finish the Creme Brulee.


  1. great care group! we are a wee bit diverse, but that is what makes it all so very interesting!

  2. great care group! we are a wee bit diverse, but that is what makes it all so very interesting!


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