big egg little egg

When I ask Terry to please bring me in some eggs for baking, I'm never entirely sure what will come to the house. He'll walk in and set the tray down like nothing is at all unusual. I look at him and say "what is that thing?" to which he replies "you said you wanted eggs."
When I cracked this massive egg open, it actually had another complete egg inside. Pretty wierd. I just feel bad for the hen. What would go through a hens mind after delivering that? I can't think of anything else to report about this and no I won't sit in the barn with my camera waiting for some super clucking to begin.


  1. I'd like to know what's inside the egg that was inside the egg?!?

  2. Haha Lori, that's what I was thinking....and ya that's pretty weird Lovella...I've never heard of that happening before, neat!

  3. Ever read the Harmony books, (by Philip Gulley), about a minister in a small town called Harmony? In one book a guy reads about a man who cracked an egg for breakfast and a scrap of a phone book was in the yolk. He called the number and wound up marrying the woman whose number was in the egg.

    The guy who read that decided to win souls to Christ by feeding bits of scripture to his chickens and then he would present the eggs to various people who he felt needed a "wake up" call...he figured seeing "Repent and be saved" in eggs about to be scrambled would scare folks into the kingdom for sure.

    It is a hilarious story. All the books are a riot of stuff some Christians do when they get carried away with great ideas.

    I figure if your chicken could lay an egg inside of an egg, maybe she could lay the entire new testament, with commentary to boot!


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