relocating the leaves

Well that was quite the storm. It would be rated at least a eight or nine. When I left off last time, Terry was calling me to come outside and enjoy the fall festivities with him. When I went out it wasn't really raining yet and we still had power. The leaves had pretty much all come off the trees and they were blowing around with gusto.

I was really admiring Terry's method for removing the leaves from our property and I was as usual trying to document his actions. You can see from the last photo that my endeavour to capture every moment of his technique ... well, it wasn't terribly appreciated. He was corralling the leaves along the length of the barn and was doing a fantastic job of making a row which would then be able to be blown behind the barn. At that point the wind was blowing from the west which was the direction Terry was blowing them as well. What you can't see is that when he got them to the end of the barn the wind shifted to come from the south. The picture of the leaves blowing across the street is not our house, its our neighbors house. I know it's just not the same coming from me but you'll have to take my word for it, it was pretty funny. He felt really bad and was quite embarrassed but it wasn't really his fault and we just hoped that the neighbors were not looking out the window.
Our power from the road was off for thirty hours. The winds were clocked at 95 kilometers per hour. Power lines were laden with fir tree branches and telephone poles were leaning over.
Technically we had power through our generator. We were denied cable which put us in a quandary as to the evening activities. We took out our Scrabble game. Imagine that. . . a board game. It was fantastic. The game nearly ended in a tie but I had the good sense to save a blank tile for the very end as well as an "s". So it was all good.
Do to my new found enjoyment of being a "reporter" it may be some time before I'm invited out on a windy day date again but that's all right. I'm not concerned. Winter is coming and I'll l be invited out to see the snow. Such fun.


  1. i too enjoyed your pictures of the fall :)

  2. I tell ya girl, your man does not rest! Does he sleep with that thing strapped to his back at night so he's ready just in case he hears a leaf drop in the night?!? Never mind, I don't wanna know! Knowing he hides in wait under all the pillows in the dark is scary enough! He's kinda crazy with that blower, sorta like Freddy Krueger and his chainsaw! Well, maybe not that crazy!! But I'd keep my eye on him if I were you!Heehaa!

  3. too funny! He's a wild man in search of a quest! Where is that last leaf?
    Oh, and thanks for the invaluable tip on how to win at scrabble!!! My game will be changed forever!

  4. Really funny stuff. I now want to add a leaf blower to my wish list.


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