rag quilt craziness

Last night at our Essential Six quilting class, Lori moved us on from cutting squares to sewing squares. We sewed from one corner to the next through the top layer, the flannelet and the bottom layer (which is just like the top). That was easy and I felt quite successful.
This morning I was anxious to lay the squares out so I could have some idea of the finished product and also to be able to sew them together. Originally I started to lay the squares on our table but after I ran out of room I moved it on to the area rug. I should have put a sheet down first so that the border of the rug wouldn't add to my craziness but I'm sure not moving it all again.
There must be a mathematical way to lay out the squares to make them even but math was definitely not my strength so I just went for it. I actually had to take a break and go for a good brisk walk on the treadmill to clear my mind. I'm used to patterns and instructions step by step. I decided it would be good to take a picture of it so I could get a birds eye view of my color deficiencies. Well, I can see that the picture is a good idea and I'm sure you are looking at the same thing I am . . . . noticing the too many beige and too many blue or red in one area. I think after a relaxing lavender bubble bath I'll be ready to tackle it again.
We are quite the scene working together. Last night we put Gilmore Girls on for those of us that enjoy the "fast talkers". I was actually requested to do my sewing during commercial breaks due to the noise velocity of my walking foot. I was quite happy to honour this request since I had my back to the television.
Weather Alert. . .
Terry just came in and told me to come outside for a bit. It's crazy windy weather out there . . . my favorite kind. The wind will blow the cobwebs out my brain and I'm sure that I'll be able to see better when I come in.
Stay tuned for tomorrows weather news and pictures of Terry dealing with the leaves.


  1. Lovella,
    I think the quilt will look great! Perfect for snuggling up with. It is making me think that a "left over jeans" quilt done with your technique would look good. Maybe if I put some red or green behind the denim so it just peeks through between the ragged edges, it would give it a picnic blanket look? You're inspirational! Keep up the great work!


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