the magnolia tree

It's raining again today and as I look at my precious magnolia tree I see that once again it is giving into yet another releasing of its leaves. It's a rule with me, where we move the magnolia tree moves with us. So far this hasn't been such a difficult task and fortunately it seems to grow quite slow. My parents gave us that tree as a constant reminder of my father-in-law when he passed away. We haven't really needed reminders of Dad, he is fondly remembered often. He was a hands on Dad, with a willing heart to help. He's been gone 12 years already and yet it seems like yesterday. What a wonderful gift in life to be able to call up your Dad and see what he thinks about things and just shoot the breeze.
So my tree will sit quietly for another winter and wait for some warmth to coax its beautiful buds forth. The buds will start already in winter when only an optimist can imagine Spring around the corner.
I have no idea why I thought about Dad today; it's not unusual though. I loved my father-in-law and enjoyed the times he'd stop in for coffee. He would often pick up the boys and drag them around the countryside with him because he hated being alone. He'd bribe them with a promise of doughnuts at the end of the outing. He would tinker endlessly on anything broken and enjoy making the useless, useful again.
When I look outside and see that tree I think of Dad even if its just for a fleeting moment. For now we'll enjoy our memories and anticipate our reunion in heaven ...and we'll continue to be thankful for a Dad who left a legacy that was priceless.


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  2. I remember Hank! He was the nicest truck driver out there! I used to work at the concrete plant and he'd come over the weigh scale and I'd print him a delivery ticket. Reading your story made me think of G&G Peters. I only knew Grandma for just over a year but she seemed to take great pleasure in giving gifts of symbolism. (Just like your Magnolia Tree) Our first Christmas together she gave us an extra gift. It was a beautiful porcelain nativity scene with a stable. I don't know if you've ever seen it. I'll show it to you sometime. I could deeply sense that she wanted us to recognize that her intention of giving this gift to us was to be a keepsake. A small reminder of her and grandpa every Christmas when we would put it out. We received the Nativity Scene with great sentiment. I knew she was pleased. Strangely, that was the last time we saw her. 5 days later she passed away. That was almost 12 years ago. It's almost time to take it out again. I smile every year when I put it out. I bet she smiles too!!

  3. That magnolia tree is beautiful in bloom, and now even more beautiful that you have shared the story behind it. What a wonderful heritage you have. I know that you and T. are passing that on.

  4. I doubt that you'll remember me...I was in Terrance's class at VCS for 6 years!
    Anyway, I stumbled across your blog. I hope that you don't mind me commenting to say hi.
    I think that's awesome that you have that tree to remind you of someone that is loved and that you will always remember them by.


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