lunch with my friend

Today was a delightful day. Kathy and I first met when her and I were both pregnant with our first children. We had sons and they had daughters. We lived a short distance from one another and often went for long walks together pushing our strollers.
A bit of distance has now separated us and the daily walks are long gone but this morning Kathy and I went to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Now that I have daughter-in-laws and she has son-in-laws we can actually Christmas shop in the same stores and advise on each others selections.
Around 11:30 our proclivity is to consider our lunch options. We both love to cook and bake and so we naturally share ideas for recipes and entertaining ideas. We settled for a bowl of steaming Potato Corn Chowder and a Cornmeal muffin.
After a relaxing lunch we went up to the B&B to see how the Christmas decorating is coming along and garner inspiration for our own homes.
Kathy headed home and I landed up staying at the B&B to help Dorothy for a bit. I made 3 chocolate ganache tortes and a caramel sauce. I think I'll find my way back there to help with with that event.

As I think about my day, I feel so grateful for the blessings in my life. This week at my ladies care group, one of the ladies gave us each a little angel holding a sign that says "Give Thanks".
I have so much to be thankful for. God has blessed me with the gift of a husband who loves me, children who love their wives, (and I think us) family and friends who understand my heart, inspire me, and share my joys. Lord help me to honor You by being a blessing to those that you have put into my life.