little coats

There is something I find quite satisfying about sewing surprises. I found this pattern for little girl coats and just got so excited about sewing a few up. It could be that the patterns have become better, but I never seemed to sew that much for my boys when they were little. (not that they would have looked very good in little girl coats)
I sewed the first one up for my great niece baby Shaye. She is now only a few months old and I hope it will fit her next winter and not on Canada Day. The little blue coat Bea helped me come up with the fabric design for her little niece Camryn. Bea covered the buttons and sewed them on. It was a joint project to be sure. It will fit her this winter after I shorten it a few inches.
I'm using my mom's sewing machine that she bought brand new to sew my wedding dress. That machine has sewed like a charm for 28 years. When she passed away 11 years ago I inherited it and many memories. The rolling chair with 2 drawers that came with it still hold the same things that I got it with. Many times I've opened those drawers and thought that I should clean them out and reorganize them. Every time I just put the same things back in. They hold 60 year old knitting patterns that I'll never knit up, a pattern for making birth certificates for her grandchildren, old scissors that can't cut through cotton, an old fur collar that must be from an old coat, knitting needles, bits of fabric, and few old notes that I gave her and on and on, all jammed in those 2 drawers. Someday when my girls clean up that old stool they'll wonder why I never organized those drawers and made use of perfectly good space in my limited sewing closet. When I went through my mom's things after she passed away I sure wondered about a few of her drawers, they must have held memories that were for her alone.
I'm thinking of retiring that old machine. I've put a request into Santa for a nice new Bernina. I'll let you know how that goes. Karlee, my first daughter inherited her grandmas sewing machine so I'll pass this old relic onto Bea. My mom would have like that. In the meantime I'll keep going with my surprises. What fun. Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi Lovella,

    I just found your blog through your comment on Julene's.

    Thanks for your must be so special to have those treasures from your mom. And what a treat for Bea to have that passed down to her. I can see you love your sons and daughter-in-laws much just through your posts.



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