first snow

Otis has a perfectly dry place to sleep but he's a manly dog and likes to pretend he pulls dog sleds in his spare time.

Real icicles. Not like the ones that reached the ground when I was five years old, but they'll do.

Terry saw me taking this picture out of our front door and called over to me something like. . . . "oh here we go, that figures" I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

Terry just came in and said he thought that I would report that he was pushing the snow across to the neighbors yard. . . . that had not occured to me. He is a little paranoid.
I just love the first snow of the season. Some years I wait and wait and wait and feel disappointed at the end of the winter and I sulk around in sad sense of privation. This year we've had fabulous weather already and it's only November.

The first snow of the winter is most exciting. When I was a young thing I would be the first to rise and listen to CFVR (that was our radio station) and listen with anticipation for the school closures. When our children were in grade school I'd be the first to rise hoping that I would have exciting school closures to report. Even when our kids were in university there was still that chance that school could be closed and life would be different for a day or two. Now some of my favorite people are teachers and even now I still hope for them a snow day.

My sweet man knows how much I love the first snow of the year and hid away my engagement ring to propose marriage on that occasion. Luckily for me it was not a snowless winter and we got engaged on November 23, 1977. He knew his chances of me saying "yes" was a given because the world around me is absolutely perfect when it snows.

I know that in a few days the snow will be gone and we'll be back to rain but I thank God for the celebration of a snow day today. Tomorrow morning I'll listen to see if the schools are closed and I'll be on the phone spreading the good news.


  1. I love your stories, Lovella! They often pull me back to my own childhood (ok, even an engagement ring in December! We had our engagement picture taken with Santa). As far as school closures go, I hope to hear a phone call from you tomorrow morning! :)

  2. This time your comment led me all the way to your blog and I've been enjoying reading back very much. I have the exact same feelings that come back to me about school closures. I smiled last night with a happy heart to see on TV the announcements - THE NIGHT BEFORE - that all private and public schools would be closed today. Now, for some kids to take sledding.

    Thanks for your care and prayers,

  3. Kari (my beautiful daughter-in-law) was sitting at the supper table here last night and kept saying, "I hope school is closed tomorrow!"
    It made me smile to think that teachers wish the same thing as the kids do! Or have our kids really not grown up yet? The thing is, I still get excited about cancelled events and having some unexpected free time too!

  4. Okay, for a little reality check you and your friends need to read my blog and my take on snow :-) Staying home from school was a good part of staying home. However, I usually skipped class when school was open, and so in that case there was no benefit once again.


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