the essential six

Last night was the the first night of the new quilting club. The whole idea started after my niece Lori presented my great niece with a beautiful quilt. It was so beautiful in fact that it inspired within some of us girls the desire to start this craft. I have often thought about quilting, it was something my mom really enjoyed. She blessed many of her grandchildren with cozy grandma quilts. It never really appealed to me until the idea of quilting together with family was brought up.
We actually started a few Saturdays ago by going to the quilting store togther and picked out our fabrics. We met together last night and began to cut our 5 inch squares. I have sewn for a lot of years but I have to say that the pressure of perfect squares made me quiver. Lori is a fabulous teacher and she scurried back and forth between us, helping us figure out how to achieve this goal.
Tanya was unable to attend but she is very organized and already has all her squares cut. She is busy this week preparing for a fundraiser on the weekend which I'll tell you about another time.
I really thought that we should have a proper name. This caused some heckling and good natured teasing. I'm the Aunt and Mother-in-law to these girls and I want this special grouping to have a name. After some debate Lori suggested "the essential six". It's really quite simple. There are six of us quilting and if any of us choose to quit after the first quilt is completed we will change the name accordingly. On the other hand if anyone else sees how much fun we are having together and wants to join, well then we'll adjust the name again. Unfortunately some of my nieces live across the country and can't join in the fun.
Our family has grown over the years and some of the originals have moved away. How fun it would be for me if I could see all of my family regularly. I really hope that I can convince more family members to join in the blogging fun so that we can stay connected. Seeing other families blog together has inspired me and I hope it becomes a contagious joy.
From time to time I'll give updates on our quilting achievements and perhaps you will be inspired to start a quilting club within your own family.