windy, rainy, snowy and then sunny

Saturday night was one of those all too common nights where I just could not sleep. Too much coffee, too late in the evening was probably the culprit and you would think I would figure that out but I don't. It's really hard to go to sleep when its windy outside because we sleep with our window open a good 4 inches and our bed is right under our window. I was flipping channels between the weather channel watching how the wind gusts were coming along and amusing myself with watching the time zones change to Standard time. I saw them all . . . all the way from the East right to the Pacific. Pretty exciting late night television, let me tell you. The wind gusts didn't seem to make it past 37km per hour which was a bit dissapointing but the anticipation of a big one coming kept me from going to sleep.
Then Sunday morning it was raining and hailing and sort of snowing and Terrence called to tell me it was snowing where they were. The sun would peek out in between the clouds and it was just so weatherish. I loved it.
Later in the afternoon we headed out to our friends, to go "hiking". By now the sun was shining beautifully. On the way there I couldn't believe how gorgeous the scenery was and even I had to admit that I transforming into my mom. Years ago when our parents went to the Okangagan for their yearly pilgrimage to get apples from Keremos they would come home with a camera full of fall pictures taken out the car window. We just could never get excited about them. Who takes scenery pictures with no people in them? Well, I heard myself say "oh, look at that, do you think it would turn out if I take it through your window?" It would be ludicrous to suggest that Terry pull over. (he is not like my dad) He did however put his window down to give me the best chance at a proper picture.
Well, when we got to our friends Scot and Kathy, Scot was big time into "Wyatt Earp" and the call to crunch in leaves just wasn't there for him, so Kathy and I headed out and it was perfect. Unfortunately I left my camera in their house so I have nothing to show. We walked through winding country roads until my ears started to ache (another family thing) and we headed back to their house to start dinner.
I can't seem to write a post without talking about food so I will tell you that they made a scrumptious dinner. Scot had recently caught a beautiful salmon and so he BBQ'd that. We started with Hot artichoke dip and tortilla chips. She had made a crisp Romaine salad with Mango and Dried Cranberries and Poppyseed dressing, Lemon Pepper Fettucini, Fresh Steamed Broccoli and Garlic toast. This was all finished with Chocolate Marble Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache, Fresh Raspberries with Pinot Noir Chocolate Drizzle. It was simply fabulous.
The food was delicious but more important than that is how blesssed we are to have friends who love us for who we are and can share our hearts with.
On the way home the moon was sitting on the horizon looking like a huge La'te cup just beginning to tip. I tried to take a picture of that as well. Terry just laughed. Nice reflection of the window. Oh well, that's OK, sometimes God paints pictures just for me.