Sunday Afternoons

It seems like it has been months since we’ve had a Sunday afternoon where the weather indicates the activity of the day. Its a bit drizzly and dark and you would think that this would instill a desire for a nap. Well it doesn’t. I become quite domestic. We’ll be having Turkey soup and fresh multigrain rolls for our supper. Ordinarily I would have baked these rolls from scratch but today they came out of a pillsbury can, which brings me to the other favorite drizzly day activity. Shopping. Bea and I spent a few relaxing hours in Home Sense, oh such enjoyment.
Lately it seems that I have realized that my life really is in process and I spend a considerable amount of time pondering what really matters in the end. This is not a dismal thought at all. I want to become a nicer person. I have realized time and time again that I am a work not fully developed and on some days I’m not even on page two. It is my hope that writing down my thoughts will help me to be accountable to those that love me most and mostly to my Heavenly Father who never gives up on my little life.
Well I must run and sift icing sugar on my fresh lemon bars. My family is waiting.