the little gourd didn't stand a chance

Just a little pumpkin fun. Posted by Picasa


  1. What an amazing idea for a carved pumpkin! I just "happened to come across" your blog and will check in often.


  2. That farmer sausage from Oct 28th looks so good! :P I wish I could stick my hand/arm through the screen here and take a piece. Mmmm...I think I'll have to buy some soon.

    I came across your blog on Kathy's and I'm just letting you know I stopped by for a visit. sya this here blogland~

  3. thanks for "de-lurking" on my blog, allowing me a window into yours! seeing all of those fall pictures and reading about all of that great mennonite food makes me a little homesick :) perhaps with much persuasion we can convince flo to start her own blog? even if all she does is post pictures of her granddaughter, i wouldn't mind!


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