family brunch

Sundays are often one of my favorite days. Since Terrence and Stuart have left home and married I have made an effort to come up with new "regular" family events.
Since we attend church on Saturday night we typically have coffee with three other couples on Sunday morning. At 8:00 in the morning we arrive at Bread Garden to debrief on our busy weeks. We refuel with coffee and conversation and by 9:30 we head back home; some of us empty nesters and the others back to their families.
Back at home Terry heads to the barn to do chores and I begin the brunch process. At one point we had bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns. Those were the necessary important breakfast commodoties but since Bea and Karlee have been added to the family they have brought with them their favorites into our home. Added to bacon, eggs and hashbrowns we now have Waffles with fruit sauce, custard and whipped cream and sometimes a crustless quiche.
I used to put the whipped cream into a whipped cream dispenser but amazingly the boys would get a bit carried away and either get it into someones hair or just use an unnaturally unhealthy amount.
This brunch not only fills our tummys it also feeds our souls. . . especially mine.
After brunch we usually kick back and take it pretty easy. In the above photo you can see Bea having a nap in the sun.
When they leave to go back to their own homes I feel deeply satisfied. I know that they will be back. They love their brunch.