Baking at the B&B

I can't really say that I have a job per se. What it really boils down to is that I go to my friends B&B and play for the day. It is not unlike being a young girl again spending the afternoon at my friends house down the road. Back then the script was the same every single day. I was always pregnant and married. I'm still a young girl in a grown up body loving the opportunity to run down the road for a day. Its the perfect balance between responsibility and commaraderie.

Today she had a seniors group come through for a conference and we spent the day together baking and making lunch and chatting up a storm. On occasion other friends also come to help with different events. There is something special about women working together. When my mom was young it was common for women to work together putting up their produce or making quilts, just generally sharing the load. We seem to have lost the need for each other. We are so independent and capable of handling things on our own. What a blessing it is to be needed and appreciated.

Well its time to put dinner in the oven for my real flesh and blood husband. Tonight its chicken breasts stuffed with Brie and cranberries.


  1. I enjoyed reading your Blog, and will look forward to your future entries.
    I think you should consider a recipe now and again. Being friends I know that your cooking and baking is wonderful!


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