Friday, February 17, 2012

hands on cereal

Did you all buy cereal biscuits for your babies?
I did ...
and recently picked up a fresh box.

Nothing much has changed since early 1980.
The same babies on the box and the same "great" flavour.

At least....that is what he tells me.

all for now...


  1. Makes me miss my little ones, my youngest just had her 12th Bday!

  2. He has the biggest round eyes! Adorable!

  3. He is growing up so fast and is so cute. Blue, blue eyes. Yes, I think he's saying that those biscuits are delicious. They are new to me, though.

  4. He looks like a "Precious Moments" figurine model, especially with the rosy nose tip, but without the cereal!

  5. Ha! and the same mushiness when baby eats them (gums them).
    Fun times. He's a cutie!

  6. Look at those eyes! Our granddaughter is now eating teething biscuits as well. They sure disappear in a hurry!

  7. I was quite happy as well to see that familiar box twenty five years later. Brought back memories of how I'd pack that in my little tupperware bowl,and have it handy in the diaper bag. Top it with warm water or milk for instant cereal that actually tasted good. I had to get it for my grands too. I wonder if it's mainly the grandmas getting it now because of the memory.

  8. Too cute...your 'Baby Oh'! I think I need to buy some of those for Baby Lucy. She needed a little coaxing to eat real food...but is catching on now.

  9. WOW! I remember Farley's biscuits. Some things never change.

    Mrs Whtie

  10. I remember them very well - and that smushed-up cereal gunk between fingers, down the bib and into every crack of the high chair! On one occasion Daddy let our son-and-heir out of the high chair without cleaning the biscuit gunk from his hands, and when I got home from shopping there were perfect little biscuit handprints on the foot stool. Somehow they were never removed, and weeks later the furniture went into storage for three years as we were transferred to Germany. When we were reunited with the furniture the handprints had become part of the fabric. Fast forward many years to our son's and DIL's first home and our donation of that chair and foot stool. I was amused, when I visited in November, to see that I could still make out the dyed-in handprint from long ago! That's my biscuit story!

  11. I remember them well and can even now they have brought our little ones happiness. Your little guy is so adorable! One has got to love a product that survives so many years.


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