more on signings and dear people

The Harrisonburg Farmers Market is the place to be on a Saturday morning.
We were told the fresh doughnuts were a must try so at 8 am we happily munched away on a fresh doughnut and hot coffee while we waited for the crowds to arrive.
People are amazing.
When someone stops and says hi and we tell them what we are doing . .
and they open their wallets at the information. .."the royalties are going to feed hungry kids" ..
and don't even bother cracking open the book. .
we are touched by their tender hearts.

One dear woman was so happy to find she liked the book. . .
opening it up after paying for it.
We had met the staff at Herald Press the morning before ..
some found themselves being scheduled to help us by toting boxes of books and setting up tables. .
bless their hearts..
and some of them just came to be part of the fun.
We wished they lived closer. .
we enjoyed their company.

At noon ..
we were scheduled to sign at Dayton Market.
I was happy to find Star Anise and Anise Seed ..
spices needed for two of my recipes.
We signed  books at the bookstore there.
The owner and his wife were so kind and stood and chatted while we sat.
The children's books were within our reach . .
so we selected a few books ..
and missed our grands together.
We spoke at the Park View Mennonite Sunday School class.
I told our story ..and Anneliese gave the Mennonite Russian History .. .101.
I love telling the story of what God has done.
He could have used any number of people to take this journey. .
of feeding hungry kids in this way. .
and yet he took us ten.
Blessed ..that is what we are.
After Sunday School ended. .we signed books.
One couple had recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and shared with us how they had picked a menu out of the book. .
designated recipes for the wedding anniversary potluck ..
and had a book on each table.

How dear is that?

Some of these people came by the markets or Barnes and Noble or Ten Thousand Villages and by the time we met them in church ..
we hugged. .
happy to see familiar faces.
On Sunday after lunch ..
we took the highway toward Lancaster Pennsylvania and found a beautiful Amish View place to stay for the night.

We went for dinner ..
enjoyed some fantastic Fried Chicken ..
and again . .
missed the grands.
Before we went to bed ..
we stood at the edge of a Amish farmyard  . .
watching fire flies light up the field.

My first time seeing fireflies . ..
just another in a very long list of firsts.

This evening we will be signing books at Berean Christian Books in Lancaster.

I hope to see a few of you there!!

All for now . .


  1. Wonderful trip! Did you by chance stay at the Country View B&B in Lancaster? Eli & Barbara are wonderful hosts, we have stayed their many times.

  2. Niki, no we are enjoying the "amish View".

  3. Your friend, Vee, has insisted that we come and meet you at Berean this evening....NOT like she had to twist our arms! So....heads up...Deanna (Creekside Cottage) and Becky (Me of Hospitality Lane) are looking forward to meeting you this evening. We are here in Lancaster if you need ANYTHING today!
    Hopefully we can get great photos that will make Vee feel as if she was actually with us!

  4. I am so thrilled that your trip has been such a success.
    The Lord is blessing your endeavors. Your hearts are in the right place.

  5. What fun! It sounds like you're about to meet some new blogging friends today.
    I loved that first coffee-and-donuts shot of the two of you early in the morning at the market - it had such a nice 'feel' about it.

  6. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time meeting so many who have been blessed with your work. Wish I lived closer to Lancaster would be there in a heart beat, I live in the Catskills of NY would love for you to visit this area maybe another time. Enjoy the Amish Country as it is a most peaceful place to visit.

  7. Ahh, the little farmhands menu. So sweet!

  8. Just love the stories and found myself chuckling over the woman who opened her heart and purse before opening the book. What a sweetheart! And, of course, she loved it! No surprise there.

    Hope that you have another wonderful evening tonight.

    Cute Little Farmhand Menu. Wonder if there was anything on it that he would have enjoyed.

    May I just say that you two don't look old enough to have grands.

    Wait a minute, Becky says that I "insisted." Well, maybe some gentle cranking, but no insistence.

  9. Hope you are enjoying meeting more blog friends tonight in Lancaster! I most certainly enjoyed getting to meet you, Lovella!

  10. You two are having way too much fun! I'm so glad you are documenting as you go.

    Right about now you will be meeting friends in Lancaster. Have a fabulous evening!

  11. I'm catching up on all your book signing posts, Lovella! I'm gla dyou and Anneliese are having good times and success with the book! When will you be in NYC?

  12. what blessing to meet you and anneliese tonight,you are using your gifts to help those precious children. auntie sharon

  13. Now that's the kind of day that makes one feel richly blessed. I am so happy that each element of the day had such happy and interesting elements.

    And then to top it all off: Fireflies!

    The only sad thing about finally seeing fireflies is now you will recall them on warm summer evenings and wistfully miss them.

  14. Everything looks fantastic...but I don't recognize those aprons...what are you doing behind our backs.
    Love following your journey.


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