hunting. . and the patch of blue

He said. . ."come ..quick .. bring your camera. . "
I peered outside to see what all the fuss was about. .
He pointed to the sky .. .
I ran back inside as fast as I could. .
blue sky .. rarely seen these days. .
and we may not see it again. . so yes. .
it is best to document the event.

Later in the day, again .. a knock on the window. .
"He said .. quick come outside"
I peered out and there he stood proud and tall beside . . .

. . a mole. . ( do you all have mole hills in your lawn?)

I said. . . ."woah. . .is it sleeping ?"

He said. . ."no"

The weather here has been so wet. . that even the moles are surfacing. .
He found this little gaffer sneaking across the lawn ..

By the end of the day .. .two more where resting comfortably beside these two ..
no trap. . .just pure hunting prowess. . .

Never a dull day on the farm.

Added to the list of titles. . .
my mole man.

Love that guy!!

Have a wonderful day my friends.
Oh do stop by the Mennonite girls can cook .. .
those girls are pumping out the food and recipes.

I'm off for my walk. If I'm going to eat . .I have to walk.


  1. Hats off to mole man for taking care of those varments. Hope more blue starts poking through...

  2. Someone on our farm, too, noticed a patch of blue, two days ago and pointed it out! We also saw snow low on the mountains Monday evening. The forecast for the weekend is sun, so get out the lawnmower. Yea. Dairymary

  3. Oh my...the joys of living on the farm. Such little critters can do such a large amount of damage!

    Your prose is awesome you write on the side?

    Have a super is going to clear up here and there and soaring temps this weekend. yee haw...what will that bring out in the way of recipes I wonder?

  4. I know moles are bad news....but, cant help thinking they are rather sweet too, my husband would disagree with me!

  5. Trish .. is that what it is. . .prose? I've been asked this a few times now. . if I write poetry .. not on purpose. .

  6. Trish .. .I just looked up prose in wikepedia. . and well. . maybe it is prose. . who would have thunk?

  7. My brother and his family can't wait to escape the cold and rain (Bellingham, WA)...we're all meeting next week in a hot and humid place!

    Mole Man? That's cute!

  8. Too funny. I have a picture of the sky looking just like that and I almost posted it.
    Have another rainy day at the farm.
    At least I can get my lawnmower ready.
    Anyone want to come and bring the mowers and let's party.

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  10. just love those pictures, aaaah
    except for the moles, they look alot cuter in cartoons=]
    no blue skies in the praries either=[.

  11. Let me start over (I deleted my last comment from too many misspellings)...

    So glad you got to capture that patch of blue sky! Looks like I need to do some walking photography so you can see more blue skies, which appear here after our morning "June gloom" burns off.

    My sister who lives a few hours south of you tells me they broke a record yesterday for the coldest high temperature.

    Congrats to the Mole Man, too (though this ignorant city girl can't help feeling sorry for the little creatures).

  12. Well I've heard you can chase moles out of their holes with water...but didn't know the rain would be sufficient. But then, our rain has been more than sufficient! There is a 'weedman' who comes around and rids the lawns of weeds...maybe your 'moleman' could have a new venture on the side.

  13. Oh dear...the moles made me think of dear old Otis and how much he would have loved to have taken care of the mole problem for you. Probably he always did take care of the moles and other pesky critters so you never had to deal with them before.

    Plenty of blue skies here, and record breaking heat. I think it is time we concentrate again and exchange weather, to average out to comfortable for all.

  14. Hi Lovella,
    It's too bad we can't trade weather for awhile. It is so hot and dry here that our lawn is brown and it is only June.
    Your husband has many talents - mole man might be one of the most interesting. Those critters sure can be destructive.

  15. Wow I love the little mole's noses. And your pictures are lovely!

  16. Next time I meet a Mole.. I will certainly warn him to say away from a certain farm!

    Yes, that spot of blue sky.. I spied it too and pointed excitedly !!

    Have a great day ! Lovella... and yes.. I am enjoying your Mennonite Girls can Cook page ! Great Idea!

  17. Oh my dad would have loved to catch those moles! He's a bit mole-crazy. :) enjoying all the recipes on the new blog!

  18. I'm still chuckling about the moles...are they sleeping. Hahahaha...good hubby you've got there!

    Yes, that's the reason I'm snag the rhubarb recipe. The humidity is so low, but the day is so nice that I'm planning a picnic supper and we must have treats. I should walk, too. I should. I really should. Some fine day...

  19. Wow - that guy of yours is a great white hunter.

    Some years we have more moles than others. Once I saw active tunneling in progress and stopped him with a pitchfork. Eww. Too much info? I felt victorious and saved my moss roses.

    We saw blue towards Vancouver last night. Sigh.

  20. You must have good eats on your farm! Our moles are much smaller!
    I called Curtis in to check out your pictures and he was so thrilled!

    PS...I think I saw that patch of blue today!

  21. Great bokeh on your daisy picture.

    Poor little molies - they remind me of The Wind in the Willows. Cute little noses.

    we are having beautiful blue skies today - even though the weatherman said 60% chance of rain. That makes the sun extra sweet.

    Hope you have some soon.

  22. Terrible damage those moles do..they are cute though!
    That Terry..a good hunter!
    You caught a nice pic of the 'blue amidst the clouds' Lovella.
    Oh by the way Charlotte, we had sunny skies all day!!

  23. I had never seen a mole until now... I think those poor ones have seen better days. I was always told they are cute, but I think I'll disagree with that!

    Oh, yes- and I'm back in business... finally! Oh, I've made my blog public again...


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