going to whiterock whitespot

Yesterday my beloved said after his hard days work .. .
. . ."tomorrow morning I'm taking you to Whitespot for breakfast"
I heard. . .tomorrow morning I'm taking you to Whiterock for breakfast"
I said. . .(with real enthusiasm) .. ."really?"
(mentally I was wondering how long I should plan to be away .. )
He said. . .(quite pleased with my enthusiasm) "we have nothing up?"
I said. . .with equal excitement. . . "nope we're good to go"
A little while later. .. . I said. . .
"oh. . did you say. . . whitespot?"
He looks at me. . . (sort of smiles). . ."yes. . .do you want to go to whitespot?"
I laughed. . . he continues to look perplexed. . .
and he says. .
"what did you think I said?"
"whiterock". . .I said. .
"shoot" .. .he says. . .
"I was just thinking I should take to you Whitespot (the restaraunt) more often. . you seemed quite excited."
I thought it was the oddest thing that we would drive me all the way to Whiterock (the town) for breakfast.
But hey .. .we've done stranger things.
Sitting across the table with him anywhere is fine by me.
Yesterday I scanned slides. . . laughed .. . and groaned at some of the perm pictures.
I most enjoyed seeing our little boys in 1983. . sitting at their little table .. innocent and quite darling.. . .
. . .sipping Dr. Oh on a warm summer day.
Whatever you do today. . .
do it with enthusiasm .. . if you spot me at whiterock Whitespot eating breakfast. . .you'll understand my excited countenance.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Cute pic of your boys, Lovella!
    Hey having breakfast anywhere with hubby is always a treat.

  2. Ahh, look at those sweet little guys at that table! Have a good breakfast :0)

  3. What a precious little photo of your boys ...Hello, Hello...are you there Lovella?...oh that's right, your out having breakfast this morning :)

  4. Oh.. Lovella .. only you can turn an innocent morning comment into a whole post !!
    and what darling little boys with little darlings of their own now !
    Have a wonderful day ! I'll keep my eye open for you ...Whitespot, Whiterock... both good ! smile

  5. Oh the memories! Your boys had so much fun together growing up..true buddies. I think you are on biker brain. To go to whiterock on the bike for breakfast just seems normal. Whitespot is the perfect place to start the day with your man. Enjoy your day. Kathy

  6. That is so cute. So often we misunderstand each other and now we can just giggle when we listen to each other's interpretations.

    Those boys would fit into my European collage.
    Isn't it delightful to go through the old pictures. I think of the good ole days.
    Enjoy Whitespot, it one of my favorites.

  7. Whitespot for breakfast is likely a better choice for today than Whiterock. Maybe your could take a raincheck (????) for Whiterock...and do that outing on a sunny day! I'm sure your breakfast was delightful.

    Cute pic of your little guys...where did the years go?

  8. When you're blessed to have your husband as also your best friend, going anywhere together is fun, I find! But I would probably agree with Judy, and save a White Rock date for when it's actually summer?!?!
    Hope you enjoyed your breakfast out. Lori

  9. If those two little boys had been little girls, there would have been tea pots and hats, gloves and finger sandwiches involved.

    Actually, you COULD have dressed them up ala Jane Austen heros, with knotted cravats and waistcoats and made them drink tea like young gentlemen. Now why don't more mothers of boys think of that???? How much fun would that be?

  10. Whenever Doc says the words, "Let's go...," I'm right there! It's been a joke for many years that we'll drive a distance for food. When we were still dating, we once drove 75 miles to "drop in" on friends, who, as it turned out, had driven 75 miles in the opposite direction to drop in on us! Since they weren't home, we drove to Jerry's Drive-In for a hot-fudge sundae and then drove the 75 miles back home!

    I just love the photo of your little ones...reminds me of my little daughter "forcing" my little son to sit at the table with the teapot and teacups and pretend cookies!

  11. I, too, am the mom of 2 grown sons. They were born in '82 and '83, and that picture could have come straight out of our photo albums! So cute!!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Greetings from upstate New York!

  12. What a darling post --- I loved the story. And what adorable little boys! SO, so precious!!!


  13. hmmm...in my home lunch or supper or any meal together is a real treat....and rarety!

  14. Lovely!
    Such fun to have breakfast out with one's husband. We did that today, went to the Bar (French bars are not all alcohol!) and had croissants, jam and hot chocolate before an appointment in the town.


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