geocaching. . .

When my beloved and were married. . .technically we didn't have a whack of common hobbies. We didn't play tennis together or golf together. Some people might have been concerned about this. When couples get married now. . .they are usually asked, what do you enjoy doing together. Our list was short. . .but it got longer.
Our newest fun thing to do, is cheap like borscht after the GPS is purchased. What is a GPS you ask? It is a Global Positioning System and it is used to find places. The more common uses would be to have one in your car when travelling. Oh .. but the fun you can have with it in between is amazing.
With our GPS in hand we download Geocaching sites and go treasure hunting.
You must check this out. . Go into the Site here and put in your location and just see how many treasure hunts (geocaches are in your neighborhood alone). We will never go on vacation again without some geocaches downloaded into our GPS.

My beloved holds the GPS and I hold the camera and off we go.

You might have to do some bush whacking to find the treasure or you might wander into a farmers field.
The other day we went into a wooded area close to our home and we were lost in the bush for quite some time. .. when we emerged. . .
I said. . ."so. . . I guess all the vehicles we've seen stopped here at this wooded area were not doing drug deals"
He said. . ."no. . . go figure"
I said. . "I'm shocked .. .I thought for sure they were"
He said .. ."I suppose now we'll suspect everyone is geocaching and we'll want to stop and follow them"

When you find the treasure. . .it may be a wonderfully constructed box such as this little house.
This one was full of wonderful treasures.
The point is to record that you have been there in the little book provided and then leave a small treasure. . . and take a small treasure. .
and then plant it at your next geocache find and continue on.

After you have savoured your success, you carefully leave it secure for the next treasure hunters.
Last year on vacation we were at Manning Park Campground .. had hiked for several hours and then came across a family that were geocaching and found their treasure near the waterfall we were enjoying.

That is when we knew we were going to begin this hobby.

It 's wonderful.
Exercise, togetherness, a thrifty date and a challenge all wrapped into one little package.

Do you geocache? What do you think? Sound like fun?

Oh .. . I'm off to pay bills. . . and then enjoy some sunshine later in the day.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I'll have to tell Ken, he'll be all over this idea!!!

  2. That really does sound like fun. Kind of like the Amazing Race without the stress!!

  3. What a cool idea!!! That sounds so fun! Especially since there are actual treasures to find and exchange!!! If we ever get a GPS, I'll have to try this. And I'll have to mention it to my MIL who has one. She may be interested.

  4. my goodness, you guys do the funnest stuff on your dates! it sounds interesting enough to even try someday.

  5. oh i guess i figured out the thingy i wrote you about.....sheesh it takes me but hey i am learning.

  6. Geocaching is so much fun! I've gone with my boys before and such interesting things are found. During a recent spring day, my sis-in-law went caching on the family's ranch in Arizona and ended up in a cave. Something didn't look quite right, and upon more careful examination they discovered a rattle snake! So, be careful what you poke into! LOL! Carry a big stick!

    Happy wandering!


  7. Just so you know, blackberries are WAY better than mulberries. So you can feel content with what you have. :) I'd be happy to trade ANY time! Wish we had blackberries. Oh well.....

  8. What a fun idea! We will have to borrow our kids GPS and give that a try.

    Where's that sun that was supposed to be happening today?

    By the way...guess who I met at Sears today?

  9. Hi again Lovella,
    I'll be posting the Pelemeny recipe on MGCC next week when I get settled into Seattle! :0)

  10. I've heard of it but never have done it. It sounds a bit like orienteering which I did many years ago - but maybe a little more exciting.

  11. Never heard of it, but I'm definitely intrigued. The things I learn here!

  12. I've never heard of this before. I looked up Dawson Creek through your link and there actually are some "treasures" to find here. Some oil company hid it.
    I bought a GPS two years ago. An aviation one. Wouldn't fly without it again. It opens up a whole new world and allows you to fly in patterns that you would hesitate to fly without it. I don't know whether that's a good thing or not. :-) Enjoy your new sport!

  13. I can't believe I didn't stop by today. Geocaching sounds like fun.
    Always something new to learn. Maybe we'll have to try it out on our way to Van....I'll surprise him.
    Have a great weekend.
    I'm sure what color your peakaboo will be on Saturday.
    Have fun

  14. Okay, win! You have the most certifiably terrific ideas for fun. I thought we were pretty good in the go-out-and-have-fun category, but you definitely win the prize! Thanks for to visit your blog.


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