"they gave us granite?"

Fantastic news .. . .
I have myself a granite counter top. . .
This weekend we cracked open our Christmas gift from our kids.
Up until very recently. . .
we haven't bothered since we've not had more than one dry day in a row.

After my patio heater assembler completed the task. . .(instructions were in the box)
I moseyed on over and tapped on what I thought would be a hard plastic "drink holder shelf thing".
I said. . ."is that granite?"
he said. . ."Yes it is"
I ran into the house and brought out a soft cloth to buff it up a bit.
I'm feeling a wee bit proud. .
Don't be one bit surprised when you are over at my house for a BBQ and I immediately drag you over to see the granite. ..
Thanks Kids. . . we love it.

A heater. . . a BBQ and a Patio Set. . .
I'm looking out the window at this moment. . .
I see clouds. Clouds are Okay ..
Now if they could just keep their contents within.

Have a great day,
I'm off to buy BBQ "fixins".


  1. It's looking mighty nice out on your patio! have a nice day...

  2. Enjoy your wonderful new patio furnishings! Our patio heater still needs to be put in it's place...I'm looking forward to using it.

    Enjoy your bbq...and hope the clouds stay away from your patio!

  3. Well that's just the coolest thing! Enjoy your beautiful patio!


  4. How lovely it looks!
    I would love to re visit Canada again. My daughter ives in Northern BC and we love the area, have had many visits there.

  5. that is the coolest thing! never even knew they existed. have fun enjoying all aspects of your patio!

  6. The granite IS lovely.
    Now could you just explain the "heater" part?

    Around here we have overhead ceiling fans installed outside to keep up cool. Maybe we could work out a needs compromise. Your patio is getting to be quite posh!

  7. wow, nice gift........can't wait till my kids start earn "real money"...........lol
    your kids must know how much you love to be hospitable and that you will get much use out of it all.

  8. wow...lucky you! On many counts but for the heater AND the good weather. I am afraid it has been rain all day for us closer to Vancouver. Have a great rest of the day Lovella. Don't forget to put in your guess for the 99th post ... contest for that post ends today. Tomorrow is my, horrah...100th post

  9. Kids are great, aren't they?! LOL!

    Your patio area looks marvelous and all set for some fantastic family bbqs this summer.

    Hope that you had a great Victoria Day!

  10. Very nice! May the clouds pass by without a raindrop --- and the sun shine merrily upon you! And a happy Victoria Day to you as well!!!!


  11. New bbq, new heater, patio set ready to go ... hmmm, who's ready for the bbq? I think you beat us to it. Can't wait to check it out!

  12. Sounds like some exciting times ahead with your patio. We've spent three weeks sitting on outdoor patios.
    The weather was sunny. I was feeling guilty for all my friends out here.
    I'll catch up shortly again.
    It's good to connect again.

  13. I love those patio heaters! Some of the restaurants here in Florida have those in their outdoor dining areas and they have certainly been necessary a time or two (you know, for those two weeks of Winter each year)!

    Your patio is looking mighty appealing!

  14. I would say you are quite set up now on the patio...heater exquisitely styled with granite, table and chairs...atmosphere...Bring on the food and family :) enjoy my friend..

  15. I'm smiling, Lovella... What a neat thing to have! Hmmm...I'm thinking I might wrangle myself an invite sometime soon... I have never seen one of those granite top patio heaters. Sounds like a perfect idea for those cool summer days we are capable of in our part of the world.


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