no job is insignificant

Several days ago, we made a decision to press the easy button.
For quite some time we've been enjoying the aroma of a briquette BBQ.
Something about the scent of briquettes heating tells my brain that summer has arrived.
The only catch is that my beloved is notorious for working until the last possible moment and the briquettes are often still stone cold when the kitchen is ready to send out the meat.
We had company coming on Sunday for dinner and so we ran to our favorite big box store and purchased a gas grill.
The afternoon was still young and the ETA of assembling the BBQ was in my assembologist's mind .. .an hour .. .tops.

I left him to tinker. . .
and I went out to enjoy the garden . ..
When I came back to check on him. . .
he was hopping mad . . .
(bet you haven't heard that phrase in a while)
He was .. . in fact quite irritated.
The person that is responsible to insert the assembly instruction manual into the box, apparently was on a sabbatical and they neglected to insert a replacement assembly instruction into the box. . .person.
This delayed the process, significantly.
I ran to the house to see if I could download a manual.
My sons have ensured me that everything we need only needs to be downloaded.
If it is there. . .I couldn't locate it.
I entered every possible scenario into the computer. .

I ran between the house and the shop to cheer and to encourage. .
"you've got a lot of it put together" .. .I said
"stupid people". . .he said
"I'll go make rhubarb bar". . .I said
"I can't smell none". . .he said
After doing my part to make the farm a happy place,

I found the BBQ completely assembled. . .
except for this one part. . .
he was circling the BBQ. . .
completely perplexed.

He had used every nut and bolt. .
all the holes had been filled.

I just love this man .. .
truly, he is quite something.

He figured it out.
I said. . ."are you going to fire it up to see if it works?"
He said. . "bring out the meat"
I said .. ."do we have lots of propane?"
He said. . ."lots"

Later on. . .the company arrived. .
I said. . "fire up the BBQ boys"
minutes later. . .
my beloved came in and said. . .
"we're going to town .. .we need propane"
So, off the boys went to get more propane.
When they came back. . .they were both smiling.
"the tank was 3/4 full". . .they said.
"must have been a bit of air in the line". . .they said.

Good times.. .
Good friends .. .
making good memories. ..

The moral of the story is .. .
don't take something home that needs assembling. . .
until you know the assembling instructions are in the box. .

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Good point and having had this happen to me before, I well understand the frustration.

    Glad that it all worked out, that you did your part, that your dh is nothing short of brilliant, and that a grand time was had by all!

  2. OH...been there! Even sometimes when the assembly instructions ARE in the box it can be quite frustrating! : ) So happy that all ended it usually does! Now every time the grill is used you'll have a memory of using it for company that first time! Just kinda try to block out all the frustration! LOL!
    Enjoy the new BBQ!


  3. The joy of living! Great post, Lovella!

  4. Great story Lovella. We've had many of the same around here. Have fun bbqueing. And all your talk about rubarb is sure making me hungry for some.

  5. Haven't we all had that happen at some point! It is so frustrating! But at least you are up and bbqing and having fun with friends!



  6. Assembly instructions? We don't need no stinkin' assembly instruction. Real men assemble these things with their bare hands and wits...

    The grill is a nice assessory to go with the hot tub. Your place is getting chic. And you get extra points for heading online to try to find the instructions. If you really want to, send the company a note, explaining what happened, and the putting those instructions on line would be a smart move on their part. Maybe you would get some goodie for your efforts.

  7. Ya, those two were sure snickering between themselves when they came back...3/4 full...hmmmmm! It made for a good laugh and the meal was delish...thanks to the new BBQ and your cooking! Sometimes the instructions are so hard to follow so good thing Terry is so smart:) Kathy

  8. Jill, thank you for the suggestion, I just sent out a cheery email from the farm to the big box company.

  9. You are right..hadn't heard 'hopping mad' for awhile but I do know what it means! LOL
    In the end all worked out and you and your friends had a great time!

  10. Oh, that's so typical these days. We often bring something home that needs assembly to some extent, only to find that the instructions are missing or incomprehensible, or that a significant part is missing or broken! It doesn't say much for pride of work and quality control, does it?

    ("Hopping mad" is a phrase still heard around our household!)

  11. Love it! The bbq story and that you've got the recipe for rhubarb bar. Guess what I'll be making this weekend?!?

  12. thanks for sharing! it put a smile on my face - way to set up the bbq, terry. it looks great! and so does that rhubarb bar, lovella :)

  13. Oh man this is the song my hubby sings everytime there's is assembly required...
    Enjoy your BBQ!!

  14. There's a good reason for buying the floor comes assembled!

    He did a fine job without passed the test of the first BBQ. Enjoy your new grill...summer's bound to be here soon.

  15. That is such a 'pretty' BBQ!
    It was great meeting you in person :)
    After you left Roger asked "which one is she again" , I said "Lovella" and he said "oh, is she the good cooker?"
    Interesting choice of words but I think he was recalling the amazing pie recipe I borrowed from you :)

  16. seriously! is there anything that man CAN'T do? he's so handy. :) frustration aside, seems like he handled it pretty well and came out the better man for it. i'm glad you sent them an email ... here's hoping you get a little something for your frustration.


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